WWE News: Three Superstars That Won’t Have A Match At This Year’s WrestleMania

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WrestleMania is the biggest night of the year for WWE superstars, and with the event taking place across two nights for the second time in as many years, it almost seemed impossible that all of the biggest starts wouldn’t have their moment on the grandest stage.

However, it hasn’t really worked out that way, and there will be some major stars missing from the card over the two nights at Raymond James Stadium. But, which stars will be having no WrestleMania moment this year?

WWE News: Keith Lee

For a long time it looked as though we were going to see Keith Lee making his WrestleMania bow in the main event. There were rumours that Lee was set to be involved in the WWE Championship match on the grandest stage, but that isn’t going to happen this year at least.

Lee has been away from Raw for a while now, after a positive COVID test for his fiance saw him written off television. However, Mia Yim returned to TV, and we still haven’t seen Lee return. There are rumours that he isn’t medically cleared to compete at Mania this year, which would be a massive shame.

WWE News: Bayley

It almost seems criminal that Bayley will be left off the card at Mania this year, as she was one of the stars that carried the WWE throughout the early part of the pandemic. Her record-breaking title run came to an end, and since then, the WWE have really lacked any plans of substance for the superstar.

There were rumours that she was going to start a programme with Charlotte Flair, but that looks unlikely to happen given that we are now just two days from the opening night of the show. It is a massive shame that she won’t be on the card this year, as she has been one of the most engaging superstars over the past 12 months.

WWE News: Jeff Hardy

When Jeff Hardy made his return to the WWE with his brother Matt, it made for one of the greatest Mania moments that we have ever seen. However, fast forward to 2021 and Hardy isn’t involved in a meaningful feud on the main roster, and is likely to miss out on the show altogether this year.

There is still a chance that he will be thrown into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but a superstar of his standing deserves much better than that.

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