WWE News: Who Will Challenge Roman Reigns Next For The Universal Championship?

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WrestleMania is finally done and dusted, and the WWE will now be building towards the next PPV on the schedule, which is Backlash. A number of big title defences could be on the card for the night, with Charlotte Flair’s return indicating a triple threat for the Raw Women’s Championship, and a Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre Mania rematch already announced on Raw last night.

But, what about the Universal title picture? Which superstar could be next in line for a shot at the Tribal Chief?

WWE News: Big E

A superstar losing their secondary title is typically a good sign in determining who could be next in line for a shot at one of the world titles. That means Big E will firmly be in the picture when the next contender is named, as the New Day member dropped the Intercontinental gold after a brutal battle with Apollo Crews at Mania.

E is certainly the logical next opponent for Reigns, and a shot at a world title has been muted for a while now. However, whether that happens at Backlash or further down the line remains to be seen.

WWE News: Cesaro

One of the matches of the weekend saw Cesaro overcome Seth Rollins in his first ever singles match at Mania. Cesaro is certainly the fans pick to have a world title opportunity, and he looks set to get a massive push off the back of the match he enjoyed at Mania.

With Paul Heyman involved in the storytelling in the main event, it’s likely that he will use his influence to finally give Cesaro the shot that he has deserved for many years now. Cesaro vs Reigns could be a match for the ages, and it would make for an immediate huge match at Backlash.

WWE News: Samoa Joe

It was revealed over the weekend that Samoa Joe was leaving the Raw announce team, which immediately led to rumours that the former NXT champion could be returning to the ring.

A short feud with Reigns would be the perfect reintroduction, and it would make for compelling viewing as the WWE can continue to explore the Samoan wrestling dynasty that has shaped Roman’s run to this point. The build between the pair could be as exciting as the match at the end, as there is no denying that the promo work that the pair can do is off the charts.

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