WWE NXT Results: Sarray Drops Zoey Stark With Saito Suplex To Win Debut Match

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Back in February of 2020, Sareee announced during a Pro Wrestling Diana show that she had signed a contract with WWE. This was just before COVID-19 swept the globe and brought international travel to a standstill. However, Sareee is finally here in NXT. Under the new name Sarray and a moniker in “The Warrior Of The Sun”, she will prove that she could be the next joshi star to cross overseas and claim gold.

Her first opponent will be Zoey Stark. Stark is a promising up and comer who recently got the best of Toni Storm, and has taken former NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai to her limits. Will Sarray be able to win her first match in NXT?

The Worlds Best Women’s Division Only Gets Better

After a handshake, Sarray & Stark would lock up to start this match. Stark has a power edge and was able to get Sarray down, but a bridge would allow Sarray to get up. A quick dropkick from Sarray dropped Stark, before a double stomp to the back.

She’d tie up the legs of Stark and get the crowd hyped up, before bending back into the Muta Lock. Stark was in range of the ropes, and was able to get rope break to free herself. She would nail Sarray with a sliding lariat for a two count, before a snap suplex for another pinfall attempt.

Stark was applying pressure with a headlock, slowing the pace down to suit her powerhouse style. Sarray would throw a forearm strike before taking a knee, only to get stomped and stuck in a double chickenwing. Stark would be driven into the corner, before being sent over the top rope and hit with a low dropkick to send her to the floor.

Sarray Impresses In Her Debut

With Stark back in the ring, Sarray would fire some hard forearm strikes before taking a knee to the chest. Sarray came back with a hard dropkick, before nailing a second one right to the face as Stark took a second sitting by the ropes. A Fisherman Suplex got the near fall, and Sarray was getting fired up.

Stark hit the spin kick, German Suplex and sliding knee strike, but Sarray kicked out at two. Sarray had the sense of mind to dodged the 450 Splash and grab a roll up, but Stark kicked out. She’d counter a suplex and land on her feet. A rolling solebutt to the jaw & Saito Suplex would put Stark down for the three count.

This is how you make an impact on your debut. Action from bell to bell from two future NXT Women’s Champions, and Sarray showed that the hype was deserved. However, after the bell Toni Storm attacked Stark, before Sarray made the save. Will Storm be next for The Warrior Of The Sun? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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