WWE NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver Night Two Results: Bronson Reed vs. Johnny Gargano [WWE NXT North American Championship Match]

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Last night, Bronson Reed was able to win the gauntlet eliminator match, outlasting Leon Ruff, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, Dexter Lumis, Cameron Grimes and LA Knight to earn this shot tonight. He will now face off with the NXT North American Champion, Johnny Gargano. Johnny Gargano is the best performer in Takeover history, and tonight will look to pull out all the stops to remain champion, and show once again that he is truly Johnny Takeover.

Few Man Are More Battled Tested At Takeover Than Johnny Gargano

While Reed’s theme says he’s battle tested and ready for war, Gargano has been through as many wars as anyone at Takeover. However, Gargano only ever faced one other man like Reed at Takeover, that being Keith Lee at In Your House, a match he lost. Gargano would have to stay moving but would be run down with a shoulder tackle.

Reed cartwheeled out of a hurricanrana, Bam Bam Bigelow style before shoving Gargano to the ground. Gargano slipped off the shoulders of Reed to the apron and hit a slingshot spear, but Reed held his ground and swatted Gargano down with a chop. Reed would be hit with a leg kick and a chop block, trying to cut the big man down. A kick to the ribs when Reed finally fell sent him to the outside, allowing Gargano to dive onto him.

He’d be caught before slipping off the shoulders and shoving Reed into the corner of the announce desk. Reed would get back into the ring and miss the hip drop, and Gargano hit an elbow to the back before a crossbody splash. The midsection was the target of Gargano, but he’d work the arm while breaking him down.

Bronson Reed Digs Deep

Reed finally got Gargano off his back by slamming him into the corner, and hitting a snap powerslam. A chokeslam followed, and while Reed was moving a bit slower, he still had the power edge on Gargano. He’d look for the Jackhammer, but Gargano fought hard. Reed instead dropped him onto his shoulders, and nailed Jagged Edge.

Gargano slipped to the apron and Reed looked to suplex him back in, but he’d be hung up on the ropes before Gargano hit a backstabber. Reed came back with a chokeslam attempt, but took a superkick to the stomach. Gargano was hit with a brainbuster, and Reed went to the top rope for the Tsunami Splash, but Gargano rolled away.

Reed was baited in for the senton, before Gargano rolled him up and hit a poison rana. He’d finally try for Gargano Escape and get it applied in the center of the ring. Reed was fighting hard, and would get the bottom rope to force the break. Gargano noticed Reed slipped to the apron and looked for One Final Beat, but Reed countered with a forearm shot.

Austin Theory Shows His Importance To The Way, Helps Guide Gargano To Another Victory

Reed tossed Gargano into the ring with a Razors Edge and went for the Tsunami Splash, Gargano dodging and hitting a superkick for a near fall. Gargano went for another superkick, but Reed hit a headbutt and the short-arm clothesline before looking for the splash again. Austin Theory ran a distraction and allowed Gargano to not get crushed, and Gargano met Reed up top.

Reed blocked a top rope hurricanrana and hit a powerbomb, but Theory once again saved Gargano by casually slipping the leg onto the rope. Reed wanted to take out Theory, and he’d throw Gargano onto him after catching him out of the air. Gargano avoided a dive from Reed by sacrificing Theory, before looking for One Final Beat.

Reed blocked and hit a Bastard Driver, before Gargano hit two superkicks. A return blow from Reed and the Bam Bam style moonsault was attempted, but Gargano dodged. Two Final Beats were enough to take Reed down and retained!

Who will challenge Johnny Gargano next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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