WWE NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver Results: KUSHIDA vs. Pete Dunne

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When you ask for the best technical wrestlers in NXT to stand out, you will receive. Pete Dunne had to wait a bit to get his challenger, but he will meet his match as he faces KUSHIDA one on one. They showed their skills briefly in the recent Battle Royale, but that ended with them both getting eliminated from the match. Tonight, they will be able to put on a technical wrestling masterclass, and it could be a match for young wrestlers to study for decades to come.

Who Is The Best Technical Wrestler In The World? Let’s Find Out!

Shockingly this match between two top level technical wrestlers didn’t start out with strikes. Dunne went right for a Triangle Choke, and KUSHIDA countered into an armbreaker before they went back to their feet. KUSHIDA took Dunne down and tied him up, until Dunne got hold of the wrist.

Dunne is dangerous with wrist control, and he’d do all he could to maintain it. KUSHIDA broke free and went for the handspring back elbow, only for Dunne to trip him up. Dunne would pull KUSHIDA to the floor and hit the X-Plex onto the apron, before going into the ring and hitting an armbreaker through the ropes.

KUSHIDA would have his arm stomped, before coming back with the hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick. Dunne went out to the ramp, before KUSHIDA joined him to hit that Springboard Back Elbow. KUSHIDA ran up the ramp, and came back with a kick to the arm.

Back in the ring, Dunne countered the Hoverboard Lock, before taking a Pele Kick. KUSHIDA would look for the back elbow again, before Dunne grabbed his arm and snapped it back. This stunned him, but KUSHIDA came back with the Small Package Driver before stomping on the back of the neck of Dunne.

Dunne turned this around and got KUSHIDA down to stomp his head in Daniel Bryan style. KUSHIDA was falling into the game of Dunne, having his arm bent, twisted and stomped. Dunne had his arm attacked with a cross armbreaker attempt, but slipped out and stomped the elbow before looking for that hold himself.

Pete Dunne & KUSHIDA Go Back And Forth Until The End

KUSHIDA would block this hold, before they’d exchange strikes. A straight right hand from KUSHIDA dropped Dunne. He’d keep control as Dunne went for the backflip out of the corner, where KUSHIDA hit a rolling kick. Dunne was trapped up top, and taken down into the ring with the Hoverboard Lock.

KUSHIDA had to release the hold as Dunne got the ropes, before hitting an armbreaker and going right back into a submission, trapping both arms. Dunne used his leg to break the hold, but KUSHIDA was relentless and went for the Hoverboard Lock again. KUSHIDA once again lost the hold to a rope break, before Dunne started going after the fingers.

Dunne picked KUSHIDA apart after doing the signature finger break, with a Buzzsaw Kick to the head. He’d set up and nail Bitter End, and come out on top in this match. His game plan isn’t pretty, but it worked. This was a helluva way to start this show, and could have stolen the show out of the gates.

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