WWE NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver Results: Tommaso Ciampa vs. WALTER [WWE NXT UK Championship Match]

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When WALTER made his return to American soil following a match between Tommaso Ciampa & Marcel Bartel, and dropped Ciampa with a signature chop? Fans knew what was coming and starting counting the days. WALTER feels like Ciampa has gotten soft over the past few years, and has taken his focus away from wrestling. Ciampa is looking to prove that he can bring back The Psycho Killer, the man who ruthlessly won and held the NXT Champion. If anyone can bring that out of him? It’ll be WALTER.

All through the simple yet imposing entrance of WALTER, Ciampa never took his eyes off his opponent. During introductions, Ciampa got in the face of WALTER, trying to intimidate the Ring General. Ciampa even brought out trunks tonight, looking like the Ciampa of old and in the best shape of his career, but can he wrestle like the old Ciampa?

Is The Old Tommaso Ciampa Here Tonight?

WALTER shoved Ciampa into the corner, but Ciampa was able to dodge the first chop. Ciampa was aggressive from the start, hitting a jumping pump kick, before raining down strikes in the corner. WALTER was getting the Blackheart, but he just nailed a chop and that shut him down. Ciampa was then placed along the top rope, chopped again and dumped to the outside like a piece of trash.

WALTER would come out after Ciampa, and broke part of the announce desk with a chop as Ciampa dodged. Like an axe through a log, that’s how hard WALTER hits. Ciampa was hit with a back drop onto the apron, but this let him get the high ground, and he set up Willows Bell but WALTER blocked. WALTER wouldn’t be picked up by Ciampa this early, but Ciampa attacked the hand that went through the table to weaken WALTER.

Ciampa was doing well, until WALTER just ran Ciampa through with a boot to the face. WALTER applied a Single Leg Crab, before moving into an STF, but he only had one good hand. Thankfully both of WALTER’s feet are in good shape, as he hit another boot to the face. Ciampa was sent to the outside, and WALTER suplexed him back in.

Ciampa has cut away some of the power of WALTER, but that wasn’t enough as one knee strike dropped Ciampa. WALTER went for a chop but Ciampa dodged and hit two lariats. He couldn’t drop WALTER no matter how hard he tried, but did get WALTER on the ropes. Lariat after lariat nailed WALTER, Ciampa just hitting the ropes and then WALTER over and over until it worked.

WALTER Could Be Unstoppable…

After owing Rocky Romero his entire payday in Forever Lariat royalties, Ciampa was dropped with a chop but was right back up. He’d finally drop WALTER with an Air Raid Crash, but only got a two count. Fairytale Ending would be blocked, as WALTER hit a back body drop. Ciampa held on, and hit the facebuster for a two count. WALTER was hit with a knee to the side of the head, before he’d catch Ciampa in a sleeper.

Ciampa went after the fingers, but WALTER adjusted and hit a German Suplex and a big lariat for a two count. The powerbomb would be next, but Ciampa bit the hand until he was kicked in the spine. Ciampa countered a lariat into the Fujiwara Armbar, but WALTER got the ropes. WALTER would be beaten into fetal position, before slipping out of the ring and pulling the neck of Ciampa over the rope.

Ciampa was trapped in the ropes and WALTER hit some left hand strikes, but Ciampa went right after the right hand again. WALTER still took him down, but Ciampa met him on the top rope as he looked for the splash. Ciampa took him down with a second rope Air Raid Crash, somehow only getting two.

WALTER took some chops from Ciampa, and he was starting to weaken. Ciampa was met with some left hand chops, the weaker arm of WALTER. WALTER just shoved Ciampa down and hit a neck crank, before hitting two powerbombs for a near fall. Ciampa was flung with a sleeper suplex, and run through with a chop, finally ending this one.

Where does this rank in terms of WALTER title defenses? Can he retain again tomorrow against Rampage Brown? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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