WWE NXT UK Prelude Results: Rampage Brown vs. WALTER [WWE NXT United Kingdom Championship Match]

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Last night, WALTER put on his latest Match of the Year worthy performance against Tommaso Ciampa, and today we see if he is able to beat a man the likes of Rampage Brown. When WALTER started out in the UK, Rampage Brown was the standard bearer, but now things have changed. Once upon a time, Brown & WALTER were evenly matched, but lately it’s been wondered if anyone will stop The Ring General again. The only thing that could doom WALTER tonight, is overlooking his opponent.

Rampage Brown Isn’t Intimidated

While WALTER made his entrance, Rampage just stared him down. There can be no fear when dealing with someone like WALTER, and he knows this. Rampage is able to match his size, and WALTER would quickly end up in a hammerlock before Rampage moved into the headlock and was sent off the ropes. WALTER hit his first chop, but Rampage kept moving and took him down with the shoulder tackle.

Rampage was dropped by a shoulder tackle, but kipped up and hit a dropkick, showing his uncanny agility. WALTER went to the outside, and Rampage ran him down with a shoulder tackle again. Rampage went for a suplex, but was instead driven into the corner and hit with a back suplex onto the apron.

WALTER trapped Rampage in the ropes and hit some overhand blows, before booting Rampage in the face. More boots would be followed by a chop from WALTER, but Rampage did his best to shrug it off. WALTER would apply the Boston Crab, but when Rampage started to slip out, he’d take a knee to the back instead.

Rampage would manage to throw WALTER with a suplex, before standing and throwing chops with WALTER. WALTER won out and got a two count, after chopping him down with the force that has been proven to bust an announce table. Rampage would be ground down with a submission, but this just fired him up, who hit a quick powerslam.

WALTER would catch Rampage with a sleeper hold, before switching to a powerbomb in a very Minoru Suzuki like fashion. Rampage slipped out however, and hit a lariat to drop WALTER. Off the middle rope with a shoulder tackle, Rampage got a one count on WALTER.

WALTER Digs Deep Into His Playbook

Rampage would look for the Doctor Bomb, but WALTER hit a chop and applied the sleeper hold. WALTER would be foiled, but managed to hit a powerbomb for a two count. It is going to be very hard to keep one of these men down.

WALTER would go up top for the splash, but Rampage cut him off and hit some chops and took him down with an avalanche powerslam. This got a two count, it’ll somehow take more than that to beat WALTER and take that title. Rampage went for a lariat, WALTER countered into a sleeper and Rampage got the back suplex.

Doctor Bomb would land, but WALTER rolled to the ropes to ensure no pinfall attempts. Rampage pulled him to the middle of the ring and hit some clubbing blows. He’d look for another Doctor Bomb, but WALTER countered and hit a chop to the throat. A knee trembler and a lariat dropped Rampage, and while WALTER took a second to recover, he’d hit a slap and a lariat for the near fall. WALTER hit a chop to the back of the neck and applied the Sleeper Hold before hitting the German Suplex.

The powerbomb again just got two, but WALTER went up top. WALTER came crashing down onto Rampage, and that finally put him down. This was another classic match to add to the NXT UK Championship reign of WALTER, which is getting legendary.

Who could finally beat WALTER? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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