WWE Raw Results (4/12) – Alexa’s Playhouse and Miz TV Gives Answers and Creates Chaos

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WWE Raw Results returned as Alexa said WrestleMania was so much fun and explained why she did what she did.

She said there once was a little girl that was lost until one day she was rescued by the darkness.

The darkness protected her, nurtured her, and taught her everything it knew. But then the darkness went away.

She wondered if that’s when the little girl realized she may never have needed the darkness afterall. She asked how did it make her feel when she realized she could do everything on her own.

Was the darkness helping her or standing in her way. Why else would she use what she was taught to try to destroy the darkness.

She then asked if it’s true that the female of the species is the deadliest, and said we may never know.

She said she discovered something truly evil and introduced her new friend Lily, which was a doll version of herself.

Bliss then promised that their fun is just getting started.

Miz TV with The Miz, John Morrison, and Maryse

Miz welcomed us to Miz TV and that despite everything that has happened, the Miz remains the most talked about man in entertainment.

He then asked why his wife is there with him on Miz TV, and she said it’s because the new season of Miz and Mrs premieres after Raw.

Morrison tried to talk them into a spinoff show staring him, and Miz said he’s in tonight’s episode.

Morrison said it’s a great commercial and is an award winning commercial.

Miz then went on how we’ll have to watch the show to see how he turned Bad Bunny into a WWE Superstar, and it never would’ve happened without his tutelage.

Some stills from WrestleMania played to show Bad Bunny’s ability and how the pain was worth it as it takes two to tango.

Damian Priest came out to interrupt them and called Miz out for taking credit for what Bad Bunny did.

He then pointed out how Miz said Bad Bunny doesn’t belong, and then reminded him of the headlines saying Bad Bunny beat him.

Miz claimed Priest is jealous for not having a WrestleMania match and he challenged him to a match later on.

Morrison said he would be better to face Priest and Maryse interrupted their spat to remind them they could both fight him.

Priest called them idiots and accepted their challenge for a handicap match and headed to the ring.

Looks like the gimmick matches are going to keep coming regularly. Guess WWE Raw Results can’t have everything.

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