WWE Raw Results (4/12) – Unbelievable! Triple Threat Match – Drew McIntyre Survived Braun Strowman and Randy Orton to Face Bobby Lashley at Backlash, then was Destroyed by T-Bar and Mace

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WWE Raw Results expect this to be a fun match, and the three of them circled each other until McIntyre and Strowman went after each other and Orton slid out to the floor.

Strowman had McIntyre in a corner and pounded away on him when Orton came in and hit him from behind, but he only got Strowman’s attention.

Strowman grabbed him by the neck, and McIntyre started beating on Strowman from behind. Orton joined in and they both worked over Strowman.

They hit a double suplex and McIntyre kicked Strowman.

Orton kicked McIntyre and Strowman hit both with a shoulder block that sent Orton to the floor. Strowman grabbed McIntyre and threw him over the top ropes.

The Strowman Express started and McIntyre met him with the steel ring steps, and Orton then grabbed McIntyre and suplexed him onto the announce desk as we headed to commercial.

Orton’s close

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring and McIntyre nailed Strowman with a series of knees while Orton kicked away.

They alternated hammering on Strowman until McIntyre hit a Glasgow Kiss to send Strowman to the floor.

Orton then stuck a thumb in his eye and threw him backwards onto the mat and fried up the Orton Stomp.

Orton finished it by raking his boot laces across McIntyre’s eyes. McIntyre nailed him in the midsection a couple of times, and then hit with a couple of clotheslines and two belly to belly suplexes.

Stroman caught McIntyre with a big boot and a splash on Orton followed by a headbutt.

McIntyre dodged his charge into the corner and hit a neckbreaker.

McIntyre headed to the floor after Strowman and Orton, and Orton took out his legs to slam him on the apron and then kicked and chopped McIntyre.

McIntyre returned the chops and Orton threw him into the ring post and bounced him off the announce desk multiple times.

Orton then threw him over the announce desk, but Orton ate a shoulder block by Strowman and Strowman threw him into the ring.

It’s a swerve!

Strowman slammed the ring steps into McIntyre and hammered on Orton’s chest on the apron and grabbed the steps to slam them into Orton and then McIntyre.

Strowman threw Orton into the ring again, but Orton caught him with a kick and draping DDT.

Orton readied to hit the RKO and nailed it, but McIntyre broke up the pin with a Claymore and stole the win.

MVP came out to distract McIntyre and T-Bar and Mace jumped McIntyre from behind and hit a double chokeslam.

We would’ve preferred if Strowman had won to give McIntyre a break from the championship picture, but it’s not surprise.

Having T-Bar and Mace come out and attack McIntyre at MVP’s behest was a awesome touch and we’re curious if they’re joining the Hurt Business or just helping out like King Corbin did.

Overall we enjoyed the show, but lets us know what you thought of it in the comments below. And of course, thank you all for joining WWE Raw Results.

We had a great time and can’t wait until next time.

See you all then!

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