WWE Raw Results (4/19) – Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair by roll up pin; Flair Snaps after Rhea Ripley’s Interference

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WWE Raw Results expects things to be interesting with Rhea Ripley watching from ringside.

The match started with Flair locked Asuka in a side headlock and Asuka threw her into the ropes.

They met with mutual shoulder blocks and neither one moved. Asuka then shoved Flair, and after exchanging moves caught the queen with a kick to the midsection.

Asuka went for a hip attack, but Flair sidestepped her and caught Asuka with a kick, then pulled her to the apron.

Asuka reversed Flair’s attempt and hit a neckbreaker on the apron as we headed to commercial.

Ripley becomes involved

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Flair in control and chopping Asuka down.

Flair sent her into the corner and ran into an elbow and boot, then Asuka hit a missile dropkick.

Asuka then hit another dropkick and a knee, followed by a hip attack in the corner.

Flair caught her kick and hit an elbow.

Asuka ducked under Flair’s kick and hit a German Suplex and a flying kick for a near pinfall.

Flair hit a reverse elbow, but Asuka locked in an armbar. Flair rolled her over and hit a series of elbows.

Asuka dodged a big boot, then Flair blocked her kick and hit s knee to Asuka’s face and came off the ropes, but Asuka hit a double knee to Flair’s face.

They hammered at each other from their knees and moved to their feet where Flair hit a spear for a near pinfall.

Flair when for a figure four, but Asuka kicked free and Flair rolled to the apron.

Flair then caught Asuka’s kick and locked in a knee bar in the ropes.

Flair snaps

Asuka leapfrogged a chop block to lock in the Asuka Lock but Flair rolled to the ropes to break the hold.

Flair then hit her chop block and locked in a figure 4 and bridged to a figure 8 but Ripley pulled her arms to break the hold.

Flair grabbed Ripley and Asuka hit her with a kick and rolled her up for the pin.

This was a decent match, but was very predictable with Ripley at ringside.

Flair snapped and threw the ref across the ring and beat him down. Other officials came in, but she went back after the other man as the other two stood there and yelled at her to leave.

Flair left the ring and then came back in to nail the down ref with a kick to close the show.

The match wasn’t one to remember, but Flair’s snap at the end was awesome and we can’t wait to see how she’s going to create her own version of Ripley’s nightmare.

The show was pretty good overall. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining WWE Raw Results.

We had a blast and can’t wait until next week.

See you all then!

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