WWE Raw Results (4/26) – Sonya Deville Reinstates Charlotte Flair, Humberto Carrillo Responds to Sheamus’ Open Challenge

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WWE Raw Results was surprised when Sonya Deville arrived backstage and opened a door for Charlotte Flair to enter.

Deville was in the ring when we returned, and she welcomed Charlotte Flair to the ring. So much for being suspended when she has friends in high places, right?

Once Flair was in the ring, Deville introduced the official Flair attacked last week and explained that Flair was suspended indefinitely and fined $100,000 but she felt Pearce’s decision was rushed and he didn’t hear both sides.

Flair thanked her and said she spent the week reflecting and understands the erorr of her ways.

She apologized to WWE office, the Universe, and the referee. She said instinct took over and she’s there to take the high road.

She said she was sorry for manhandling him last week, and he accepted her apology. He added had he seen Rhea Ripley interfere she would’ve won the match.

Deville then announced Flair’s suspension has been lifted and she’ll return to in ring action tonight, and she named the ref would officiate the match.

Flair pointed out he said it was his mistake, and she demanded an apology from him.

He apologized and Flair called him a good boy.

Deville announced everything’s dine and she looks forward to seeing Flair in the ring later tonight.

Flair and Deville then headed up the ramp together where they ran into Pearce backstage.

He asked when was she going to tell him about this, and Deville said she couldn’t find him and apologized.

He said he’d accept her apology if he believed it.

Strowman’s stipulation

Backstage, Pearce was on the phone talking about Deville abusing her power when Braun Strowman came up to him.

Strowman said a match with McIntyre would be great, but he reminded Pearce about the match he made to face Lashley.

Strowman pointed out McIntyre didn’t pin him, so he wants a triple treat at Backlash after he beats McIntyre.

Pearce told him if he beats McIntyre he’s added to the match.

Sheamus’ Open Challenge

Sheamus was in the ring waiting to offer this week’s open challenge for the United States Championship.

After a recap of last week’s open challenge, Sheamus said he loved it and he’s proving he’s a fighting champion.

When it comes to him not letting the bell ring, it means that Humberto Carrillo doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with him.

He said he’s a generous fellow, and he decided to do it again. He called out anyone wanting to take a shot at him. He made clear his championship won’t be on the line.

Humberto Carrillo came out.

Sheamus asked him if he’s serious after what happened last week. He said he had his opportunity last week and he’s not going to fight him.

Sheamus attacked Carrillo as he said that and beat him down in seconds. Sheamus started talking trash on the mic and Carrillo attacked him from behind and sent Sheamus over the top rope.

Carrillo kept him out of the ring with two dropkicks, and hit a suicide dive to send Sheamus over the announce table.

Carrillo headed to the back with his message sent while Sheamus threw around the announcer’s chairs.

Backstage, MVP and Bobby Lashley arrived and they were asked about Strowman possibly being added to the match.

MVP pointed out Strowman hasn’t been added yet, and they like to deal with realities.

They have some grievances to address, and they walked off. WWE Raw Results are willing to bet this is going to be interesting.

Backstage, Rhea Ripley was asked about Flair’s return, and she said it was enjoyable to watch her get fined. She’s focused on her 6 woman tag team match tonight.

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