WWE Raw Results (4/5) – Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler w/Reginald Defeated Asuka and Rhea Ripley by Pinfall

Baszler hit Asuka with a running knee

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WWE Raw Results returned as after Asuka was introduced, Ripley was asked how she will coexist with Asuka after last week.

Ripley said she knows her strategies and that they have to cooperate or they’ll be ripped apart.

Baszler and Asuka started it off and Asuka went behind, the locked in an armbar, and then a side headlock.

Baszler threw her into the ropes and Asuka hit a shoulder block but Baszler didn’t move and even mocked Asuka.

Baszler sent her into the ropes again and was knocked down with a shoulder block.

Asuka locked in an armbar but Ripley refused to tag in and Baszler broke the hold with a right.

Ripley tagged herself in and they exchanged go behinds before Ripley powered out of an arm lock with a powerslam.

Jax tagged in and Rippled hammered away and went for a slam but Jax stopped it. Jax picked her up for a slam, but Ripley slipped free and tagged in Asuka without warning.

A brief argument ensued on the apron and Asuka went in and hit a knee, then fought out of a Samoan Drop and hit a kick, then locked in an octopus.

Jax powered out of it and then ran Asuka over after sending her into the ropes.

A pin attempt followed, but Asuka kicked out.

Jax then hit a splash in the corner, but Asuka hit a jawbreaker after avoiding another splash.

Baszler tagged in and Asuka tagged in Ripley.

Ripley hit Baszler with a big boot, then knocked Jax off the apron with a right.

She tried to hit Reginald with a clothesline, but he rolled under it on the apron, but she grabbed his hair from behind when he turned to check on Jax.

Baszler hit Ripley with a chop block and tagged in Jax.

Jax shoved Ripley into the ring apron as we headed to commercial.

Betrayal ahead

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring and Baszler’s in control as she hit a stomp on Ripley’s left ankle.

Ripley kicked at her, but Baszler caught her foot and kicked her hamstring then went for a pin attempt.

Jax tagged in and hit a body slam and an elbow drop for a near pinfall.

Baszler tagged in and she hit a series of body shots and then a snapmare and a kick to the back for a near pinfall.

Baszler locked in a heel hook on Ripley’s injured leg.

Ripley kicked her way out of it, and Baszler hit a couple of elbow drop on her left leg and Jax came in and wrapped Ripley’s leg around hers. Jax hit a leg drop on Ripley’s left leg.

Jax locked in a rear chin lock, but Ripley got to her feet and hit a couple of elbows and a dropkick.

Asuka tagged in and hit Baszler with a dropkick, Jax with a kick, and then a hit attack on both in separate corners.

She caught Baszler with a kick and a German suplex and running knee for a near pinfall.

Asuka headed to the top rope, but Ripley knocked her to the floor, then hit a flapjack on Asuka on the floor and threw her into the ring.

Baszler hit a running knee for the win.

Well, this wasn’t predictable at all, was it?

Threats and promises

Backstage, Cedric Alexander grabbed MVP and slammed him against a storage container and Shelton Benjamin told him he’d better listen.

Alexander said his greed is going to cost him, and after he blamed them and threw them out of the Hurt Business Alexander called him a crippled parasite.

He promised he will give Lashley a scar to remember him by, and they’ll show Lashley and the world that he’s a fraud.

After they left, MVP said he’s disappointed in the gratitude Benjamin and Alexander are showing him and he took total credit for their success.

Lashley asked what happened, and MVP told him to take it easy but Lashley promised to break Alexander’s a$$ in half.

Tag team turmoil

Backstage, Jax and Baszler were asked if they’re confident they’ll defend their titles successfully on Sunday night, and Jax asked what kind of question was that?

The space became crowded as Lana, Naomi, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Tamina, and Natalya all took turns asking how they feel about their chances against them.

The Riott Squad slipped in, followed by Billie Kay who said Carmella is checking out her resume.

Jax pointed out they don’t have time for this as the four teams will face each other on Saturday and the winner will face her and Baszler on Sunday.

WWE Raw Results expect these to be fun matches. Who do you think will challenge Baszler and Jax?

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