WWE Releases Samoa Joe, Others in Yearly Spring Cleaning

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WWE releases Samoa Joe and others as it’s that time of year for the WWE to do their annual spring cleaning.

While Samoa Joe‘s release was surprising, others like Bo Dallas haven’t been in a televised ring much if at all the past year.

Mickie James seems more surprising after her return and immediate push, but that fizzled after a couple of weeks for whatever reason and she wasn’t regularly seen afterwards.

Other names include Chelsea Green, Tucker, Wesley Blake, Kalisto, and Peyton Royce.

While this isn’t as big a list or as many surprising names as they released last year, there are a couple of notable ones.

It’s one of those moments where we tend to forget that wrestling is a business, especially when a company is worth billion or so dollars and their salaries are probably barely noticeable.

As much as this hurts them and their fans, it does open up doors for them to go elsewhere and get a fresh start. It may not be ideal, but it’s our hope they find something and make a success out of it.

Interesting moves and future prospects

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were a solid tag team and could’ve been special, but after forcing them to break up and a brief push they fell into the Land of Misused Wrestlers.

Royce is married to Shawn Spears in AEW, so there’s a chance she and Kay will go there once their 90 day no compete clause is up.

Chelsea Green is also in a relationship with Matt Cardona, so she could be Impact Wrestling bound.

Samoa Joe’s probably the biggest surprise as he’d been a fixture on commentary for a while and was slated for an in ring return.

Like the others, he could go to a couple of different places as he has ties in Ring of Honor (ROH) and Impact Wrestling.

Tucker, Wesley Blake, and Kalisto are more additions to the Land of Misused Wrestlers following the break up of their tag teams.

Tucker never regained his footing following Heavy Machinery splitting as it was reported that Vince McMahon didn’t get him or like his gimmick.

Blake and Kalisto never really seemed to breakout for various reasons, and now they’ll have a chance to prove themselves elsewhere.

However things work out, we wish all of them the best and thank them for everything they gave us while in the WWE. We hope to see great things out of them all in the future.

What do you think of the WWE releasing Samoa Joe and others? Where will they go?

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