WWE Smackdown Live Results (4/2)

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Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown Live Results!

I’m your host, CP Bialois, and we’re all set for what has the possibilities of a fun night with Sami Zayn’s red carpet premiere of this conspiracy documentary with Logan Paul joining him.

There’s also more buildup to come for the triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Edge, and Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship, as well as Seth Rollins trying to avoid Cesaro’s swing once again.

Let’s grab some snack and meet back here for the 8 p.m. EST start time. 

Segment 1

Edge announced he woke up after hearing Adam Pearce’s decision last week and the R Rated Superstar is back.

Segment 2

Alpha Academy (Otis and Chad Gable) and Dirty Dawgs (Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler) vs. Dominik and Rey Mysterio and Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)

A preview of next week’s fatal fourway for the Smackdown tag titles started with chaos and the Mysterios and Street Profits sent their opponents to the floor and everyone but Dawkins hit dives as we headed to commercial.

Segment 3

This was a fun if hectic match that Otis won after hitting a Flying Bulldozer on Ford off the second rope.

Segment 4

Seth Rollins and Cesaro had a back and forth about their WrestleMania match, and Rollins threatened to end Cesaro there and he’d never make it to WrestleMania.

Cesaro told him to take a swing and Rollins left the ring. To be fair, if we wore that suit we would’ve left too. 

All joking aside, this is going to be an awesome match.

Segment 5

Shayna Baszler w/Nia Jax and Reginald vs. Natalya w/Tamina

Natalya won in roughly a minute after reversing a small package for the win.

Chaos ensued as the Riott Squad came out, followed by Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke, and then Naomi and Lana as brand separate rules were once again ignored.

Tamina and Natalya stood tall over everyone after taking Naomi and Lana out with a superkick and Hart Attack respectively.

Segment 6

Sami Zayn’s trailer was well done, but Logan Paul wasn’t sure what to think after he talked with Owens.

While Zayn lost his mind, Owens came out and hit him with a stunner.

Segment 7

Carmella vs. Bianca Belair

Carmella attacked Belair as she climbed into the ring and threw her into the barricade and then the ring steps as we headed to commercial.

Segment 8

This was a so-so match that felt more like a time eater than anything before Belair hit a KOD for the win.

Banks attacked her, but Belair told her to wait for WrestleMania and Banks agreed.

Segment 9

King Corbin promised to take Drew McIntyre’s place at WrestlMania and Apollo Crews challenged Big E to a Nigerian Drum Fight (no rules or disqualifications.)

Segment 10

Street Fight – Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan with Edge on Commentary

Bryan and Jey wore each other out with a chair while Edge complained about Bryan’s maneuvering. 

Reigns came out with Heyman and a comfy office chair to watch as we headed to commercial.

Segment 11

This was the best match of the night and Bryan won by submission after locking in a Yes! Lock on Jey.

Bryan then hit Edge at the announce table with a running knee and slammed his head intot eh ring post four times before going after Reigns on the ramp.

Bryan dodged the office chair Reigns threw at him, hit a running knee, and locked in the Yes! Lock on Reigns on the ramp before the officials broke it up.

This was a great ending to the show and we love the new Daniel Bryan. Until he lost it at the end, we wondered what was going to stop Edge’s ranting and Reigns’ glaring.

This was a decent show overall and made for some interesting matchups for next week. What did you think of it?

Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Live Results.

We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all next week. See you then!

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