WWE Smackdown Results (4/9) – Fatal Four Way Smackdown Tag Team Championship – Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode) (c) Defeated Alpha Academy (Otis, Chad Gable), Rey and Dominik Mysterio, and the Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford) by Pinfall

Ford hit a Hit the Lights, but Ziggler took him out and Roode snuck in to pin Gable

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WWE Smackdown Results tuned in as Kayla Braxton asked the Street Profits about what it’s like to have a title opportunity finally.

Ford said it’s about time but they were then attacked by Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler.

The fight spilled to the ramp and the Alpha Academy and Mysterios joined in as we headed to commercial.

We returned from commercial with the match already in progress and Gable taking down Dominik through a rear waist lock.

Dominik managed to dump Gable through the ropes to the floor, and then he hit Gable with a dropkick when he reentered the ring.

Dominik then hit a arm drag takedown and locked in an armbar, but Gable reversed it and Otis blind tagged in as Gable sent Dominik into the ropes.

Gable locked in a wheelbarrow and Otis hit an axhandle on Dominik as Gable suplexed him.

Otis celebrated and Ziggler tagged himself in and went for a quick pin attempt.

Ziggler slammed Dominik in their corner and Roode came in and hit a couple of rights and then a reverse elbow off the ropes for a pin attempt.

Organized chaos

Roode then slapped on a reverse chin lock, and Dominik fought out of it but Roode dropped him with a forearm and then a body slam.

Gable tagged himself in as Roode went off the ropes and hit a couple of knee drops on Dominik’s arm and went for a pin.

Gable then locked in an armbar. Gable went for a reverse suplex but Dominik reversed it into a splash for a pin attempt, then tagged in Rey.

Rey hit a series of forearms on Gable and had Gable reverse his whip into the ropes. Rey ducked a clothesline and hit a leg scissors takedown.

Rey then hit a kick and an elbow, but Gable caught him off the top rope and Rey reversed it to hit a DDT for a pin attempt.

Ziggler and Roode broke up the pin and then knocked the Street Profits off the apron.

The Mysterios hit a double dropkick on the Dirty Dawgs and knocked Otis off the apron.

Rey sent Gable into Dominik, who flipped Gable over the top rope but Otis caught him. Dominik then held the ropes open for Rey to hit Alpha Academy with a dive and then hit his own dive as we headed to commercial.

Dirty Dawgs find a way

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Roode hitting Ford with a knee lift, and Ford hitting him with a dropkick for a pin attempt.

Roode nailed Ford with a knee and a right, but Ford flipped over his shoulder on an atomic drop attempt and he nailed Ziggler, Roode, then Ziggler with a right.

Roode then hit a spine buster to slow Ford down. Otis tagged himself in and hit a discus lariat for a near pinfall.

Otis hit a body slam and then a elbow drop off the ropes. Otis threw Ford into the roeps and hit with a right and tagged Gable in.

Gable hit a northern lights suplex for a near pinfall.

Ziggler then tagged himself in and locked in a rear chin lock on Ford. Ford flipped him over his shoulder to break the hold but Ziggler hit a dropkick.

Ford caught his Zigzag attempt and hit a powerbomb to buy some times.

Roode and Dawkins came in and Dawkins cleaned Roode’s clock with a couple of clotheslines and a corkscrew elbow. He then hit a exploder on Gable.

Dawkins then hit Roode with a corkscrew splash in the corner and a bulldog, but Rey tagged himset in and hit Roode with a sitton splash off the top rope, then pulled the ropes down to send Dawkins to the floor.

Rey sent Roode into Otis with a leg scissors, then tripped Roode and Ziggler into the ropes for a double 619.

Rey held off Ziggler as Dominik hit a 5 star frog splash for a near pinfall that Otis broke up by hitting a splash on both of them.

Otis caught Rey off the top rope and slid him to the floor.

The Street Profits hit Otis with a double dropkick to send him to the floor and Ford hit a dive over the top rope.

Dawkins and Gable tagged in and they exchanged sunset flips before Gable went for a backslide.

Ford blind tagged in as Gable rolled Dawkins over for a German suplex.

Ford hit From the Heavens and Roode tagged himself in off Ford. Ziggler then nailed Ford with a superkick and Roode pinned Gable to retain the tag team titles.

Bianca Belair’s big night

Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed Bianca Belair and asked if she can explain what she’s feeling.

Belair said she has butterflies but it’s not a bad thing. Her dad told her it’s okay to be nervous as long as you’re not scared.

She said this is an opportunity of a lifetime and she wants to show the world what she can do.

Braxton said Banks has been there before and will do anything to keep her title and then asked Belair if she’d do anything.

She said she’s the E-S-T so she’s the most dangerous and beating Banks and becoming the Smackdown Women’s Champion will be the greatest night of her life.

Big E’s roots

Big E cut a promo from a barber’s chair where he pointed out how Apollo Crews talks about where he came from, and he said he’s never forgotten and this is where he goes to get his mind right.

He took us on a brief tour of his home in Tampa where he used to run two miles before wrestling practice and how he played his high school championship at Raymond James Stadium.

He said the stadium is where Crews’ Intercontinental Championships come to die. This was as intense as WWE Smackdown Results have ever seen Big E and we love it!

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