WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night One Results: Bianca Belair Defeats Sasha Banks With K.O.D To Win WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship In Historic Main Event

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This is it, the main event of Night One of Wrestlemania 37. It’s the second time women have main evented the showcase of the immortals, and will see Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair take on Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. This is a match between two of the top women in the company, but Belair is a bit unproven at this point.

However, going from showing up to help Street Profits fight off Zelina Vega to the main event in ONE YEAR. Bianca Belair is the fastEST rising star in WWE. Banks is one of their biggest stars ever however, and has history at Wrestlemania in big matches. She might just need to watch with Belair to make a mistake, and have this be an easy night to get her first win at Wrestlemania.

Time For This HERStoric Main Event!

Both women walked into this match with the confidence of a champion, but only one had the hardware to match. Belair was soaking in the moment and crowd, as two black women main evented Wrestlemania for the first time ever, and likely not the last. The crowd was split as this match began, and they were ready to go.

Emotions were flowing, and they’d compose themselves before locking up. Banks got Belair in the corner, and was powered off. Belair would be taken down into the middle of the ring, but popped right back up to shove Banks around. Banks went for a leapfrog and was countered midair, before being set up for the standing moonsault.

She had to land on her feet, before setting up the Kiss of Death, but Banks slipped out. Banks was caught again as she looked for the bulldog, but dodged the Glam Slam. Belair was sent to the outside, and Banks dove out.

Banks was caught out of the air, and put into a press slam, before Belair climbed the stairs and sent her into the ring. Belair got cocky and took a dropkick to the face, but got right up and ran Banks down with a shoulder block. A scoop slam and standing moonsault would be next, before Banks grabbed the braid of Belair and kicked her in the face.

Sasha Banks Is Tapping Into The Boss

Banks was in control, getting a snapmare into a rear chinlock. Belair would try to power out, but Banks was out wrestling her. Banks was sent to the apron but came right back with a knee to the jaw. Belair nailed a powerbomb and dropped Bank on the back of her neck, before Banks tried to use the braid again.

Instead of Belair being pulled into the steps, Banks was yanked in hard. They’d get back in the ring and Belair flaunted her power with a huge delayed suplex for a near fall. Banks came back with a forearm shot to the chest, before using the braid during an armdrag to little effect. Belair hit some running forearms before the standing Shooting Star Press.

Glam Slam landed, and Belair went up top for the 450 Splash, but landed on the knees of Banks. Sometimes you crash and burn, but it’s called high risk for a reason. Belair tried for a roll up, before Banks got one of her own with a backslide before a knee to the jaw.

Belair hit a series of powerbombs, before Banks hit the ol’ Billy Kidman facebuster counter. Banks hit the double springboard tornado DDT, getting a two count before setting up the Frog Splash, but Belair was able to kick out again.

Bianca Belair Digs Deep And Keeps Her Composure

Belair went to the apron, and Banks started to get nasty. She’d hit an armbreaker in the ropes before throwing Belair into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Banks used the braid of Belair to set up the Banks Statement, and it was in tight. Belair would get close to breaking the hold, but Banks rolled back to the middle. A desperate leap broke the hold, but Banks used every last second of that count.

Banks would mouth off to Belair and call her a rookie, only to be driven into the corner. Belair set up Banks on the top rope but the handspring kick led to her trapped in the tree of woe. Banks went for the double stomp and missed, before missing the double knee strike as well.

Belair got up top and nailed the 450 Splash, but Banks kicked out. The challenger was losing her head, and wasting the advantage. She’d catch herself, and set up the Kiss Of Death, but Banks again used that braid. Belair snapped and used it as a whip, before setting up the Kiss of Death and ending this one in huge fashion! Bianca Belair did it!

Who will challenge Belair first? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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