WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night One Results: Tamina Nails Superfly Splash To Punch Ticket To WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Shot For WM Sunday

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Tomorrow on Night Two of Wrestlemania 37, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler will defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships against the winner of this match. Naomi & Lana, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke, The Riott Squad, Natalya & Tamina and Carmella & Billie Kay will meet in Tag Team Turmoil; essentially just a tag team gauntlet match. It’s anyone’s match, and whoever wins gets a double Wrestlemania payday even if they don’t win tomorrow!

Wrestlemania Feels The Glow Of Naomi & Lana

Starting this match off was Naomi & Lana alongside Carmella & Billie Kay. Carmella & Kay aren’t exactly an established team, but are both former champions, while Naomi & Lana have a touch more experience. Naomi started with Carmella and hit those rapid kicks before a dropkick.

Lana tagged in and hit a bulldog, before running double knees to the back. Carmella yanked her hair down to the mat, before tagging in Kay who hit a running boot, before Lana turned a slam around into a russian leg sweep. Naomi tagged in and hit a springboard kick, before hitting a double facebuster with Lana for a near fall. Kay would get a quick roll up, and Carmella helped keep it down.

Riott Squad was down next, hitting the ring with purpose. Morgan hit a dropkick on Kay, before tagging Riott who got a roll up for a one count. Kay would hit a back elbow and tag in Carmella, who moonwalked before the Bronco Buster. Morgan was hit with a superkick, before Riott broke the pinfall up.

Kay took Riott off the apron, and went for the roll up on Morgan but the referee saw the trick this time. Morgan hit Kay with the Codebreaker, and set up a diving senton for the elimination. Carmella was not happy, and launched a superkick on Riott.

Riott Squad Came Ready For War

In next was Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke, but Riott was ready to fight. She’d take a running knee from Rose, before Brooke came off the top with the blockbuster, and Morgan broke the pin up at two. Riott fought Brooke off as she looked for a tag, just to take a spinning neckbreaker.

Rose got the tag, but a roll up would get the space Riott needed to make the tag. A step up enziguri and stop in the corner got the near fall for Morgan, before tagging Riott back in. A Riott Kick would rock Rose, but Brooke broke the pinfall up. Morgan would be stranded on the top rope in the wrong corner, and took down with a superplex before Brooke came in with a swanton bomb.

A quick reversal was able to pin Brooke however, and Riott Squad move on! In last was Natalya & Tamina, winner of his last match getting the title shot tomorrow night. Natalya came right in and looked for the Sharpshooter but Morgan got the roll up for two. Tamina helped set up a sit out powerbomb, but Riott broke the pinfall up.

Riott was dropped, and Morgan fought off a Samoan Drop before getting the tag in the corner. Morgan launched Riott into a spear, as they made quick tags and hit the Codebreaker into a Senton combo for a near fall on Tamina. Morgan took a superkick, and Tamina tagged in Natalya. They’d set up the Hart Attack, but Natalya wanted the Sharpshoter, before calling for Tamina to hit the splash. Tamina soared, and that was it for Riott Squad!

Will Natalya & Tamina become champions tomorrow? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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