WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night Two Results: Roman Reigns Defeats Edge & Daniel Bryan Via Conchairtos To Retain WWE Universal Championship

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When Edge won the 2021 Royal Rumble, it was up to him to decide between Drew McIntyre & Roman Reigns. At Elimination Chamber, he decided to choose Reigns after he defeated Daniel Bryan, who won the chamber match. Bryan got a proper shot at Reigns come Fastlane, with Edge as a guest enforcer.

He’d make Reigns tap out, instead of a win, he got a steel chair to the back. Now, Roman Reigns has his biggest defense yet. He needs to take both men out tonight to remain the head of the table.

Edge is hungry, with this being 10 years to the day when he was forced into retirement. Bryan is fired up, knowing this could be his last Wrestlemania main event. Reigns is determined, knowing that this will solidify his legacy. Yesterday brought a great main event, one of the best ever for Wrestlemania. However, tonight could top even that.

Big Fight Feel Doesn’t Even Start To Describe This One

Reigns started fast by attacking Bryan with a big forearm, and threw him outside for Jey Uso to hit a superkick and throw him into the steps. He’s making good use of the No DQ rules in a triple threat. Uso would catch Edge with a kick next, before helping set up a table spot. Bryan dove into Reigns, before taking a superkick from Uso.

Edge threw Uso into the steel steps, before dribbling Reigns between the ring and barricade, before slamming him off the post. Uso was hit with the Impaler onto the steel steps by Edge, who took a nasty bump onto the steel himself. If that doesn’t work, Edge will need to use the conchairto to take Uso out.

Edge & Bryan went at it in the ring, and Edge was taken off the top rope with a hurricanrana, before rolling through into a pinfall. Bryan was dropped on his neck by Edge, getting a two count before Reigns was back on the apron. Reigns tried to suplex Edge, but got tripped up off the apron by Bryan, who came off the top with a dropkick on Edge.

Bryan would dive onto Reigns again at ringside, getting caught and thrown with a belly to belly suplex. Edge hit the baseball slide to catch Reigns, before pulling him into the ring only to take a leaping lariat from Reigns. Reigns was hit with the Impaler after having Superman Punch countered, before Edge set up the Spear.

Edge was shot down by the Superman Punch as he ran in, and Reigns was gonna show him a real spear. If anyone knows a counter it’s Edge, getting a sunset flip for a two count. Both men hit the ropes for a spear, colliding in mid air.

An All Out War

Bryan picked the bones with two diving headbutts, before following up with some Yes! Kicks, before the running knee to Edge. Reigns was cut out of the air with a kick before a Buzzsaw Kick rocked him. Bryan would look to stomp Reigns head in before applying the Yes! Lock, and Reigns almost tapped out again before Edge made the save.

Edge was next to take the Yes! Lock, but Reigns was able to break up the hold this time before pummeling Bryan and powerbombing him onto Edge. The crowd loudly chanted Roman Sucks, but he powerbombed Bryan through the announce table before being taken down by a spear by Edge!

Edge went to look for two steel chairs, and everyone knows what he can do with those. Reigns would do his best to stop Edge, before being thrown into the top rope. Edge applied a crossface to Reigns, and even pulled a piece of the chair into the mouth of Reigns. He was gonna tap, but Bryan stopped the hand from hitting the mat and applied a Yes! Lock on Reigns.

Never Bet Against The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns

The double submission meant that Bryan & Edge fought for control, freeing Reigns in the end. Bryan would stomp the neck of Edge, before setting up the running knee and taking the spear. Edge nailed Reigns next, but Bryan pulled the referee out before the three count!

After stopping Edge from winning twice, Bryan was in for it. Edge grabbed the steel chair and whacked Bryan over the spine. Back in the ring, he’d go to work on both opponents, showing great proficiency with that chair. Bryan was set up for the Conchairto, and so was Reigns.

Edge would take Bryan out, but Jey Uso came back to save Roman, only to take a spear. He provided enough distraction to let Reigns hit Edge with a spear, before getting a taste of his own medicine as Reigns hit the conchairto. He’d pull Edge onto Bryan, and pin both men in a show of absolute force.

Who can stop Roman Reigns? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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