WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night Two Results: Sheamus Defeats Riddle Via The Brogue Kick To Claim Third WWE United States Championship

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At Elimination Chamber 2021, Riddle defeated John Morrison & Bobby Lashley to claim the United States Championship. He’s had a steady reign so far, managing to defend twice against Mustafa Ali, but now faces someone who can match him in sheer hard hitting power. Sheamus is a two time WWE United States Champion, and has been experiencing something of a career reinesence as of late.

When it comes down to what brings us to this match, is that Sheamus hates the happy go lucky nature of Riddle. Sheamus was able to win a match on the March 29th episode, giving him a claim tonight. Riddle will have to be on his A-Game tonight, and Sheamus will have to watch out in case he gets caught quickly with the Final Flash knee strike. Trent Seven & Chris Hero can tell everyone how hard that move hits, having lost to it in under ten seconds.

A Hard Hitting Brawl From The Word Go

Sheamus would start with a headlock takeover, trying to start this one by giving Riddle no room to move around. He’d grab an armbar, before Riddle fought free and hit some strikes in the corner. Riddle grabbed a sleeper hold, but Sheamus broke free and planted him into the mat with a swinging side slam. The Irish Curse backbreaker followed, and Riddle was feeling the pain.

Riddle fought into the corner and got an armbar over the rope, using the five count to punish Sheamus. Ten Beats of the Bodhran would pummel Riddle on the apron, before Sheamus got a near fall in the ring. Riddle caught Sheamus on the top rope, and took him down with the Spanish Fly.

Sheamus was hit with an exploder suplex before the Bro-Ton, before Riddle was having a hard time getting him up for the Jackhammer. Bro-Derek was set up, but Sheamus fought free before sending Riddle over the top rope. A roundhouse kick would be followed by Riddle slinging himself over the top rope, but taking a knee to the jaw.

Sheamus Rocks Riddle With The Brogue Kick

Riddle would survive, only to be dropped with a Alabama Slam next. Sheamus took this to the apron, where he wanted to crush Riddle with White Noise before being sent into the post. A Floating Bro off the apron was followed by one in the ring, but Sheamus stayed in the fight.

Riddle would apply an armbar, but Sheamus lifted him up and dropped him with a powerbomb. Sheamus got a two count, before Riddle grabbed him for the Rear Naked Choke. The rope was too close, letting Sheamus get free before he’d rain down blows on Riddle. White Noise was set up but he’d go to the middle rope, and Riddle slipped free.

Riddle went back up top, but Sheamus would take him down with a White Noise attempt, but slipping off. He’d thankfully recover quick and nail White Noise, before a King Kong Knee Drop off the top rope. Riddle dodged the first Brogue Kick, before going for a springboard moonsault, and being caught under the jaw with a second attempt. That was all she wrote, and we have a three time United States Champion!

Is this the last clash between Riddle & Sheamus? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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