AEW Blood & Guts Results: SCU Overcome The Acclaimed, Jurassic Express, and Varisty Blondes To Earn Tag Title Shot

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The Young Bucks will defend their AEW World Tag Team Championships next week, in another huge episode of AEW Dynamite. However, we don’t know who will challenge them just yet. AEW has placed four of their top teams into the mix tonight, and one will earn that shot. It’s SCU vs. Jurassic Express vs. The Acclaimed vs. Varsity Blondes. All teams who could give The Young Bucks a run for their money, but the stakes might be highest for SCU. Remember, their next loss as a tag team is the end of them as a tag team, which could very well come tonight as they meet other top 4 ranked teams.

SCU Outsmart Younger Teams In Chaotic Fatal Four Way Clash

Kazarian started this one alongside Jungle Boy, who would send Kaz off the ropes before looking for a hip toss. Kaz countered into a jacknife pin, but Jungle Boy got a pinfall attempt of his own. Caster would tag himself in off Jungle Boy, before this one just broke down into a wild brawl. Caster was booted down by Luchasarus in the ring, before Pillman & Garrison would take control of Caster instead.

A spinebuster/dropkick combo got a two count for Varsity Blondes, before Daniels broke the pin up and got into the match. He’d tag in Kaz, before hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb with Kaz for a two count. Kaz nailed a running neckbreaker on Garrison, and Daniels got a tag before getting a two count. Daniels hit a headbutt on Garrison before being slammed into the mat.

Garrison staggered back into the corner of The Acclaimed, allowing Bowens to tag in. A double facebuster from The Acclaimed got Daniels down for a two count. They’d isolate Daniels in their corner as best they could, before the vetaran hit an STO. Luchasarus tagged in with a chop, before taking on both members of The Acclaimed with kicks and a German Suplex.

Varsity Blondes fell to a set of chokeslams, before he’d go after Kazarian with a flapjack. Kaz was chokeslammed onto the Varsity Blondes, and he’d take out The Acclaimed with a Death Valley Driver alongside Jungle Boy with an inverted version.

Daniels made the save, but was taken out of the ring. Pillman Jr. hit Air Pillman for a near fall, and Jungle Boy went up top. Daniels and Kaz isolated him on the top rope before tagging themselves in. Kaz got a near fall, before setting up Best Meltzer Ever for the win.

It was impossible to tell who was legal or not in this match, as we saw a constant stream of action from all eight men in this one. Everyone got their spots in, Match Rating: 3.5/5 (*** 1/2)

Will SCU retire as a tag team or become two time AEW World Tag Team Champions next week? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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