Impact Wrestling Results (5/13) – Sami Callihan Stood Tall in Win as he, Moose, and Chris Bey Defeated Matt Cardona, Trey Miguel, Chris Sabin by Pinfall; David Finlay w/Juice Robinson and Eddie Edwards Defeated Karl Anderson w/Doc Gallows, Kenny Omega, and Don Callis by Disqualification

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The great matches keep coming tonight, and Impact Wrestling Results is stoked to see the next phase in the war between the Good Brothers and FinJuice before their match at Under Siege.

Let’s get to the action!

Karl Anderson w/Doc Gallows, Don Callis, and Kenny Omega vs. David Finlay w/Juice Robinson and Eddie Edwards w/Kenny

Anderson didn’t waste any time in going after Finlay, but Finlay’s toughness is second only to his father and nailed Anderson with his own forearms.

Omega tripped Finlay in the ropes, and Robinson tripped Anderson in the ropes to keep the score even.

Finlay was thrown to the floor and Gallows and Omega worked him over while the ref pushed Edwards and Robinson back.

Anderson remained in control in the ring, and left Finlay in the ropes for Gallows to hit a right, and then slapped on a rear chin lock.

Finlay got to his feet and Anderson threw him down and locked in a rear chin lock again. Finlay broke the hold with a reverse suplex and followed it up with a couple of clotheslines.

This time when Omega and Gallows grabbed him in the ropes, he took them out with a crossbody over the top ropes, and had a near pinfall on Anderson.

Finlay then locked in an Indian Death Lock and Omega came in to hit him for the DQ.

A brawl erupted and Edwards took out Gallows and Anderson with Kenny while Omega slithered out.

Brian Myers vs. Crazzy Steve w/Decay (Rosemary and Black Taurus)

Steve started it off by biting Myer’s fingers and swept his legs for a pin attempt.

Myers slipped to the floor and bumped into Black Taurus and did the worst flop job in history, and Steve went out after him.

Myers survived Steve’s onslaught to hit a dropkick and he remained in control since.

Myers hit a suplex for a pin attempt, and then locked in a rear chin lock, but Steve got to his feet.

Myers rolled Steve up and used the ropes to steal the win.

Black Taurus appeared behind him after being sent from the ring by the ref and hit a spear and Rosemary set the Death tarot card on Myers before they left.

Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait to see Myers and Black Taurus at Under Siege, not to mention the 5 man tag match between the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega and FinJuice and Eddie Edwards.

Which matches are you looking forward to?

Sami Callihan, Moose, and Chris Bey vs. Matt Cardona, Trey Miguel, and Chris Sabin

This is going to be a crazy match, and Impact Wrestling Results are buckling up for the ride.

Callihan and Sabin started it off and after a brief flurry, Sabin went for a crucifix pin attempt and hit a dropkick.

Cardona and Bey squared off with Bey suffering a face plant off the ropes, and then a big back drop.

Trey hit a senton on Bey over Cardona’s back for a pin attempt, locked in a pendulum before Bey rolled to the floor.

Moose caught Trey with a boot on the apron and Bey took advantage by hammering on Trey.

Speaking of Moose, he took over and punished Trey by throwing him into a corner and leveled with a chop.

Moose tortured Trey by holding his hand out to Cardona for a mock tag, and then Callihan tagged in to play.

Bey continued working over Trey, but Trey nearly stole a win with a sunset flip.

Moose tagged back in and hit a couple of body slams before he choked out Trey for Callihan to take another turn.

Trey tried to get loose and he and Callihan collided.

Cardona came in and took it to bey with a dropkick, clothesline, and running knee before Sabin hit a missile dropkick.

Cardona and Sabin sent Moose to the floor with a double dropkick, then caught Trey’s hurricanrana over the top rope but Trey managed to send him into the ring post.

Cardona hit Bey with Radio Silence and Moose nailed him with a pump kick.

Trey sent Moose to the floor with a missile dropkick, but Callihan caught him with a Death Valley Driver.

Callihan hit a package piledriver on Sabin for the win.

After the match, Moose and Callihan had a staring match and Moose shoved him. Backstage, Don Callis looked nervous as the camera focused on Callihan.

This was a great way to end the night and puts Callihan and Moose as the top two competitors in the 6 Way match at Under Siege.

What did you think of the match and who do you think will win to face Kenny Omega? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results.

We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next time.

See you then!

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