Impact Wrestling Results (5/20) – Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K Defeated Kiera Hogan w/Tasha Steelz by Pinfall and the Knockouts Pick Sides; Petey Williams Defeated VSK

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Tenille’s intent on getting a shot at the Knockouts tag team titles with Taylor Wilde and she’s looking forward to getting one step closer if she beats Hogan.

The match started with them going back and forth, but Tenille survived Hogan’s early flourish to lock in a tarantula and then hung her up on the ropes for a pin attempt.

We returned with Hogan back in control and hitting her running boot for a pin attempt, and she then choked Tenille out on the ropes for another pin attempt.

Hogan locked in a rear chin lock, but Tenille broke it with a low shot and then went for a small package but Hogan kicked out.

Tenille ate a superkick and went into the ropes to hit a clothesline and then ducked a clothesline by Hogan to roll her up for the win.

Steelz attacked Tenille from behind and they started stomping Tenille down before Kaleb carried Steelz away.

Kimber Lee, Susan, and Deonna Purrazzo came out and knocked Kaleb out of the ring before going back to Tenille. Taylor Wilde came out to help but she was over whelmed.

Havok came in and tossed Lee, Susan, and Purrazzo to the floor, and then sent Steelz and Hogan out of the ring as she checked on Tenille.

Decay came out to the ramp to catch Purrazzo and company between a rock and a hard place, and they took off running.

Petey Williams vs. VSK

They were even early on, but Petey was a step ahead once VSK tried to take some shortcuts, and he hit a few chops and a tilt-the-whirl, and then a hurricanrana and atrip into the ropes for a dropkick.

Petey sent him to the floor and hit a hurricanrana over the top rope. That was pretty cool.

VSK hung him up in the ropes and hit a jumping DDT and a couple of elbow drops, followed by a knee drop for a pin attempt.

VSK was constantly on the move with a running forearm and boot, followed by a splash, but Petey figured him out and hit a German suplex and running knee.

Petey went from a tilt-the-whirl to a crucifix pin attempt, and then absorbed a backbreaker after VSK blocked his Canadian Destroyer.

Petey hit a snap power bomb and Canadian Destroyer.

VSK has had two good showings in his two matches, but Petey wouldn’t be denied as he pulled out the win.

Backstage, Rich Swann cut a promo about W. Morrissey, and Morrissey attacked him from behind and threw him through a door.

Impact Wrestling Results are curious how this feud’s going to go. Morrissey is being built similar to Moose’s run.

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