Impact Wrestling Results (5/27) – Sami Callihan and Moose Send the Good Brothers Packing; BTI (Before The Impact) – Eddie Edwards defeated Sam Beale by Pinfall

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

It looks like we’re going to have a fun show tonight and we can’t wait to see NJPW’s Satoshi Kojima’s Impact debut as well as Violent By Design and Sami Callihan’s messages.

Looks like there’s going to be plenty of action tonight, so let’s get to it!

BTI (Before The Impact) – Eddie Edwards vs. Sam Beale

This should be an interesting matchup as Beale has been pushing himself more and being more in your face with the established talent. Can’t fault a guy for trying to climb the ladder, right?

They started by exchanging arm bars with Edwards gaining the early advantage. Edwards quickly turned the tables with an inverted atomic drop and a belly to belly suplex.

Beale regained the momentum by taking out Edwards’ legs, but then ate a clothesline before sidestepping Edwards charge and sending Edwards to the floor.

After hitting a series of strikes on the floor and catching Edwards with a forearm Beale nearly scored a pinfall victory.

Edwards fired off a series of two handed blows and chops, and then a Boston Knee Party for the win.

This was a pretty good match as Beale and Edwards worked well together. This was a great way to get us warmed up for tonight’s episode.

Callihan lays out the challenge and Moose backs him up

After demanding a mic and chair, Callihan too a seat in the middle of the ring and he started off that all he’s been seeing is a bunch of bull crap sine Kenny Omega came to Impact Wrestling.

He went on how the Good Brothers kept him from Omega and that he can’t be planned for like the others.

He singled out Don Callis and said he’s scared and will do everything he can to keep him away from Omega.

Callihan called Omega to the ring and Moose came out instead can Callihan pointed out Moose isn’t Omega.

Moose called Callihan out for doing a lot of complaining and no one cares because he’s not the contender for the Impact World Championship.

He warned Callihan to stay out of his business, and Omega is his business at Against All Odds.

Callihan asked if it’s suspicious that the Good Brothers are attacking him and not Moose.

The Good Brothers then came out in a televangelist type of gimmick, and asked Callihan if he’s going to blame them for everything.

They said they’re on Moose’s side, and Moose said he’s not on theirs and he and Callihan cleared the ring in seconds.

Backstage, Anderson and Gallows were pissed and Don Callis calmed them down and used his Executive VP powers to make a match between the Good Brother and Callihan and Moose tonight.

That’s going to be a match Impact Wrestling Results don’t want to miss.

Gia Miller asked Don Callis about the match he made, and he said it’s official and reminded her he’s the Invisible Hand.

Scott D’Amore came up while he was ranting and said he was shocked to see him make a match. D’Amore said it’d be great if he keeps rolling up his sleeves, and Callis disappeared into Kenny Omega’s dressing room.

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