Impact Wrestling Results (5/6) – Rachel Ellering w/Jordynne Grace Defeated Kiera Hogan w/Tasha Steelz by Pinfall via a Spinning Chokeslam

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Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting for this match and we can’t wait to see Rachel Ellering in her first Impact Wrestling singles match.

Rachel caught Hogan with an elbow, but Hogan hit a superkick and then stomped her down in the corner and chocked her out on the ropes.

Hogan drove Rachel into the opposite turnbuckle, then ran her into another one before hitting a kick and sending her into another corner.

Rachel blocked her fourth attempt and sent Hogan into the turnbuckle.

Rachel sidestepped Hogan’s charge, but Hogan caught her with a kick and dropkick for a pin attempt.

Hogan hit a kick to Rachel’s back and went for a neckbreaker, but Rachel reversed it into a suplex Hogan slipped out of and hit a kick and running knee for a pin attempt.

Hogan locked in a rear chin lock, but Rachel got to her feet and they caught each other with a right hand.

Rachel then hit a clothesline and an elbow, followed by a basement dropkick and a senton for a near pinfall.

Hogan dodged a splash in the corner and hit her own then a running knee for a near pinfall.

Hogan went for a fisherman’s suplex but Rachel slipped out and hit a spinning chokeslam for the pin and win.

Callis shows his fear

Moose was backstage when Don Callis came up to him and said he wants to say hi.

Moose asked what did he want, and Callis said he’s surprised he’s wrestling anyone and quotes Jimmy Johnson about how he treats his star and said he’s being treated like everyone.

He told him he doesn’t want him to get hurt and tried to talk him out of taking part in the qualifying match.

Moose told him to shut his mouth because he’s starting to annoy him and headed off, to which Callis said it went well.

This was a great sequence as it shows Callis is worried about Moose facing Kenny Omega, and we have to wonder how that’s going to translate over the next couple of weeks.

Pairing off

Fire ‘N Flava was backstage and said they’ll get the belts back and Rachel and Grace came up and said didn’t they have time to prepare.

Hogan pointed out their match at Under Siege will be a handicap match since Grace doesn’t matter, and Grace challenged Steelz next week and Steelz accepted.

We figured this match was going to happen, and Impact Wrestling Results are looking forward to it.

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