Is Christopher Daniels Ready To Retire After SCU Breakup?

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Last night, SCU finally had to face the consequences of their promise to each other. Back in late 2020, they pledged their next loss would be the end of their team, unless they could win the AEW World Tag Team Championships. This lit a fire under them, and got them to a title match against longtime friends, The Young Bucks.

Despite putting up a great fight and leaving it all in the ring, The Young Bucks would cheat to beat down Christopher Daniels, before nailing a BTE trigger to retain their championships. After the match, SCU would hug it out, and that seems to be the end of their story.

Christopher Daniels Hints That This Could Be All

Taking to twitter following the match, Christopher Daniels would say the following. “That might be all.” This obviously hints towards retirement, as Daniels nears 52 years old with 28 years of professional wrestling under his belt. Daniels proved last night that while he can still tell an excellent story within the ring, his body isn’t what it used to be. He had a nasty blade job which didn’t help anything, and he looked out of place even alongside partner Frankie Kazarain.

Without SCU, Daniels really doesn’t have a spot on the card in AEW. Behind the scenes, he is their current head of talent relations, a job which suits him well. Daniels is likely to end up in the eventual AEW Hall of Fame, with his career coming with many accomplishments from being the Ring of Honor Champion, to being one-third of the first ever AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Kazarian is much younger than Daniels, only 43 and still has a great singles career ahead of him in AEW, as shown by his fantastic matches with Christian Cage & Hangman Page. Daniels might stay on-screen as a manager type figure for Kaz, or just focus on his backstage work for now. He’s got options, but none of them seem to point to lacing up his boots.

Do you think last night was the final match of Christopher Daniels? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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I know that Christopher Daniels is near retirement. I hated the excessive blood during the match. I also didn’t like the spray. I like pure matches. I wish it was a longer pure match. I would rather look at past matches on video.

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