John Cena In Talks For WWE Return?

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In just two short months, WWE will leave the Thunderdome and get back on the road. This was bound to happen, especially after AEW announced their intent to get back on the road earlier this month. The first show will be July 17th, with the last SmackDown Live before Money In The Bank. With such a big occasion, major moments will be expected. One of these could be the return of John Cena. 

WWE Are In Talks To Have John Cena Appear

While it seems crazy to think, John Cena is not a full time professional wrestler anymore. After a decade and a half of being a constant presence for WWE, Cena is now more frequently found doing movies, TV shows, or even on the bookshelves of small children. However, WWE is always going to have a spot for one of their best, and fans always have a “John Cena sucks” chant ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Because of this, WWE hopes to have John Cena show up on their first episode when things will seem normal again. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it seems likely that they will push hard to have him at least show up, but seeing him wrestle a match would be a treat at this point.

A Major Tag Team Match Wouldn’t Be Hard To Set Up

When it comes to potential matches for Cena that can be built in a single episode of SmackDown, one instantly comes to mind. One of his old rivals, Edge is part of the SmackDown roster, and is primed for a match with Roman Reigns over the WWE Universal Championship. Cena & Edge haven’t been together on camera since Edge returned from injury, and that alone would be a nostalgic moment for many fans. 

Putting Edge and Cena on a team together to take on a team like Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins? That would be a huge match that would get a crowd to damn near take the roof off a building. There is a lot of history between everyone involved, and could be expanded further if WWE needs to minimize the risk of Cena getting hurt. Cesaro, Rey Mysterio, and many others could join the face side, with Jimmy & Jey Uso backing up Reigns for example.

Would you want to see John Cena return to SmackDown Live on July 17th? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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