This Day in Wrestling History (5/12) – The Ric Flair Show Returns

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We’re in a great time as current and retired wrestlers are taking part in podcasts and sharing some of their best stories and thoughts and we’re going to get more as the Ric Flair Show returns.

They’re like biographies come to life, but there’s still plenty of reason to check out their books if we have the itch. It’s a great way to get some firsthand stories This Day in Wrestling History loves.

We’re glad to see Ric Flair’s stepping back into the podcast business after being out of it for four years. There were 24 episodes that can be found on youtube.

First, I’d like to give a sincere shoutout and thanks to @awrestlinghistorian for mentioning this. I can’t wait to see what they talk about.

Back to basics

In the show’s original run they focused on individual wrestlers like Ken Patera, Road Warrior Animal, and Shawn Michaels with some other topics mixed in.

They can be found on and they’ll speak on various topics like the new A&E Biography series, the Dark Side of the Ring, Steve “Mongo” McMichael’s story and possibly his bout with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

It has plenty of potential to be a fun one as he’s going to team up once again with Conrad Thompson and the delve into the evolving world of professional wrestling.

How long will it go? Until Flair decides he doesn’t want to do the shows anymore, which we hope will be a long way down the line.

Stories for the ages

Few have seen as much of the world of professional wrestling as Ric Flair, and he’s a walking encyclopedia of stories and tidbits that have been lost to the ages.

It’s great to hear what it was life decades ago getting started and making a name for himself in wrestling compared to now, as well as his insights into how it’s evolved.

We are firm believers that he could talk for a month straight and still only scratch the surface of what he’s seen.

We may even get the occasional guests popping in from time to time, and that’ll only add to the enjoyment factor.

This is living history at it’s finest, but we’re also curious how much he’ll want to touch on current issues in the WWE given he still has a relationship with them in one way or another.

But then, this is more about the memorable moments when the Ric Flair Show returns so we’re expecting it to be based more on yesteryear.

What would you like to hear him talk about? Any particular wrestlers you’d like to hear about? Let us know in the comments below.

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