WWE Update: Where’s ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt?

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Since the Raw after WrestleMania, WWE television has been missing one of their most entertaining talents in Bray Wyatt, but it appears there’s a legitimate reason for his absence.

It’s been reported by various sites online that Wyatt’s been taking time off to deal with his mental health, and that he’s been having problems since his good friend Jon Huber died in December.

According to wrestling-edge.com, Billi Bhatt from “The Nitty Gritty Dirt Sheets” podcast reportedly said Wyatt was on an extended break and he did the WWE a favor by coming back for WrestleMania.

“I think it (The Fiend) died with the Luke Harper thing. He (Bray) came in to do the ‘Mania thing…he agreed to that and that’s it…Everyone is like, ‘Ohh, how can you lose?’ and it’s like ‘Well, he’s not gonna be at work, so you might as well…’ but it was weird. He didn’t have to lose to Orton because Orton’s staying around during his time off.”

This would make sense as it’d be difficult to go into a character of that type when Huber also enjoyed the same type. It’d bring back memories of his friend that may be difficult to deal with.

More to it?

Then there’s the flip side where it can be argued Wyatt hasn’t been treated well storyline wise by the WWE as it’s been rumored Vince McMahon doesn’t understand Wyatt’s vision.

This claim seems to be backed up by how “The Fiend” was the most over character in a long time but was handed things like the HIAC match against Seth Rollins, squashed by Goldberg, and Orton’s easy win at WrestleMania 37.

According to essentiallysports.com, it’s believed that when Wyatt did return for WrestleMania and the subsequent Raw that McMahon wasn’t happy about Wyatt’s shape and was sent home.

This is another indicator about Wyatt’s state of mind at the moment, and it makes sense that he could need more time to sort through things.

Mental health is an important factor many overlook, and we wish Bray Wyatt nothing but the best in his attempt to work through everything and recover.

Whether he returns to the ring or not will be up to him, and we’ll be there cheering for him when or if he does return.

If he doesn’t we thank him for everything he’s given us over the years. In the end, he’s got to do what’s best for him and his family, and we’ll never fault him for that.

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