WWE NXT Results: LA Knight Defeats Jake Atlas Via Snap Cutter

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LA Knight was able to overcome Dexter Lumis last week, and if he can do that, then Jake Atlas shouldn’t be much of an issue. Atlas has been keeping busy on the roster of the Cruiserweight show 205 Live, but will that have him ready to take down someone like LA Knight?

LA Knight Runs Through Jake Atlas In Record Time

On his way to the ring, LA Knight would call the crowd a bunch of incels. He’d claim they’re not cool enough to chant his name, but will anyways. Knight also said he’d punt Atlas’s ass for far in this match, that he would need an Atlas to find it. That isn’t an opinion either, that is just a fact of life!

Atlas got an arm drag to start the match, before going into an armbar. Knight got free, before Atlas took him down one more time. Atlas would be sent into the corner, but used his speed to break free and hit a one legged dropkick. Knight went to the outside but blocked a dive with a forearm strike.

Atlas was hung up in the ropes, and took a big knee strike to the jaw, before Knight flew over the top rope with a slingshot shoulder tackle. Knight got a knee to the jaw himself, before Atlas got a near fall off a German Suplex.

Atlas once again got punched into the corner, before Knight wanted to set up a superplex. Knight was fought off and went for a leap to the top, but Atlas blocked. It wouldn’t matter, as Knight nailed a snap cutter for the quick win.

Another quick squash match for this week’s episode. Atlas might be able to last ten minutes on 205 Live, but Knight was able to run through him in near record time. Knight looked just okay once again, once again failing to impress in NXT. Match Rating: 2/5 (**)

Is LA Knight ever going to make a proper splash in NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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