WWE NXT Results: Pete Dunne Defeats Bobby Fish Via Bitter End (05/25)

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While NXT Takeover: WarGames IV was a while ago for many, it’s very fresh in the mind of Bobby Fish. That was his last match to date, having suffered an injury while in the dangerous double cage. However, now that he’s back he has a bone to pick with Pete Dunne, who was one of the men he faced at WarGames. Fish knows that the Undisputed Era is dead, and that he’s on his own again, but that suits him just fine. He’s ready to fight Dunne tonight all the same.

Bobby Fish Hasn’t Missed A Beat

The former ROH TV Champion was ready to show his single skills, which fans of NXT saw during his debut against Aleister Black many years ago. Years of mainly tag team action and injuries have come between now and then, but he’d nail a back elbow within moments as he got to work on Dunne. He’d block an armbreaker, before kicking the leg of Dunne out from underneath him.

Dunne came back with a heavy forearm strike, before tying up the legs of Fish. Fish would be able to block an attack on his left ankle, before taking some downward palm strikes from Dunne to the face. Dunne would now target the recently injured left arm briefly, before Fish regained his vertical base.

Fish blocked an attempt at a headlock, and got a Fujiwara Armbar applied. Dunne was able to escape, but had his arm hammer locked and dropped onto the top rope. Fish would boot Dunne to the outside, as we went to a commercial break. If there’s ring rust on Fish, it’s not being shown tonight.

Pete Dunne Proves Why He’s The Best Technical Wrestler In NXT

Back from the break, Dunne had a submission on Fish in the middle of the ring, but one look at the face of Dunne shows the damage Fish has done. Dunne went for the armbar, but instead had to launch kicks to the face. Fish would fire up and fight Dunne into the corner to hit a dragon screw.

Dunne dove back in with a forearm, only to be caught and planted with a spinebuster. Fish applied a sleeper hold, but forgot to guard the fingers. Dunne would bend the fingers back, and isolate the arm for a knee drop. Fish flopped outside, but when Dunne closed in he was able to hit a back body drop to prevent more damage.

Back in the ring, Dunne went for a kimura lock, but Fish was able to block into an exploder suplex. Fish hit Dunne with a flurry of knee strikes to send him into the corner, before Dunne nailed a German Suplex in return. An attempt at the Fish Hook would drop Dunne for a two count, before he’d end up in an armbar. Fish was able to counter and get an armbar of his own, but Dunne turned it into Bitter End for the win.

Bobby Fish was able to go hold for hold with Pete Dunne until the very end in this match, which was close to the level of Dunne’s recent takeover clash with KUSHIDA. He proved that he could enter the NXT North American Championship hunt, but tonight Dunne was just able to finish stronger in this hard hitting fight. Match Rating: 3.75/5 (*** 3/4)

After the bell, Oney Lorcan would beat down Fish and throw him into the corner before exposing the apron. He’d say he was gonna reinjure Fish, and extended the arm with a stomp off the apron. Dunne just shrugged as Lorcan got one last kick in before being sent away. Will Kyle O’Reilly come to the aid of Fish to deal with Lorcan & Dunne? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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