WWE Raw Preview (5/3) – Backlash Preview as WWE Champion Bobby Lashley set to Face either Drew McIntyre or Braun Strowman

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Things are looking up this week despite them also being confusing, but WWE Raw Preview can’t wait to see how they shake out this week.

In what seems to be the WWE’s version of trying to feel spontaneous, they announced a few angles for tonight’s episode over the weekend and have since narrowed them down slightly.

For months, they’ve given out few if any hints going into their shows and have even changed some matches in one way or another.

Pick a card, any card

Tonight looks like it’s going to be one of those “we’ll have to see” nights as WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is expected to address the triple threat match at Backlash thanks to Braun Strowman’s win last week.

While we expect banter and possibly a challenge to one of both opponents, it looks like we’re going to get both as Lashley will face one of his two opponents.

Since he’s claimed he can beat McIntyre and Strowman at any time one on one, we expect tonight’s match to be for a spot in the triple threat.

In short, Lashley will seek to undo the damage Strowman did last week by challenging on of his challengers to a match where if they lose they’re out of the triple threat.

It’s going to be interesting because if Lashley loses for any reason, it’ll give his opponents an edge going into Backlash in two weeks.

With that being said we expect him to challenge Strowman tonight since he’s the one that initiated the current problem and he’ll want to eliminate him from contention.

Of course, it could also come down to who Lashley and MVP feel is more dangerous.

Pick your poison

Either way, the opinion of Lashley fearing one or both of them will be prevalent going into this match.

If we’re lucky, he’ll face McIntyre ad eliminate him from the championship match. WWE Raw Preview loves McIntyre, but he had his run and his title shot and we’d like to see Strowman get a legitimate shot.

McIntyre was a great champion and should’ve had an uninterrupted run (ie no loss to Randy Orton) before losing to the Miz, which in turn made Lashley look incredible heading into WrestleMania.

Add to it Lashley’s dominate win and we feel it’s a mistake to thrust McIntyre back into a championship match, and hence why Strowman was added last week.

Are we right and the WWE is correcting course or are we totally off the mark? Time will tell, but let us know what you think about this and who do you think Lashley will face in the comments below.

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