WWE Raw Results (5/3) – Charlotte Flair Defeated Dana Brooke w/Mandy Rose by Submission via the Figure 8

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WWE Raw Results found Sonya Deville backstage as she told Flair she understands her concern and she’ll take care of her.

When Pearce asked what that was about and she don’t him not to worry about it, he called her out for overstepping her bounds.

Lashley and MVP’s promise

Kayla Braxton interviewed Bobby Lashley and MVP backstage about Braun Strowman winning the coin toss.

MVP said Strowman’s luck ran out with that coin toss. He said he could make a four leaf clover stew with rabbits feet and he’d still be unlucky.

He added that it doesn’t matter if it’s Strowman or McIntyre, and Lashley said he’s more a freak of nature than either of them.

MVP then proclaimed the Strowman Express will be derailed.

Picking the wrong fight

The New Day were backstage when Elias and Jaxson Ryker prepared to launch their own tomato attack on them.

They threw a couple, but managed to hit Orton as he walked in the way and Riddle rode his scooter by them.

Charlotte Flair vs. Dana Brooke w/Mandy Rose

They locked up and Flair shoved her around and taunted her. Brooke went after her and hit a series of forearms to no effect.

Brooke ducked a clothesline and came off the ropes in a handstand and took Flair down with a spinning head scissors.

Brooke then hit a dropkick and then went for a clothesline, but Flair caught her and hit a backbreaker and bounced her off the ropes.

Flair then stomped her and went for a pin that Brooke kicked out of at two.

Flair put Brooke on the middle rope and headed to the apron to hit a big boot for a pin attempt.

She then threw Brooke to the floor, but Brooke hung her up on the top rope and hit a step up kick.

Brooke comes close

Flair nailed her with a clothesline, but ran into a boot, elbow, and then a sunset flip that Flair blocked by grabbing the ropes and stomped Brooke.

Brooke sidestepped Flair’s running boot in the corner and then hammered on her before hitting a handspring elbow, and threw Flair into the opposite corner for another handspring elbow.

Brooke rolled her to the middle of the ring and hit a senton off the top rope for a near pinfall.

Brooke went for another handspring, but Flair countered with a chop block in mid air and locked in the figure 4, then bridged into a figure 8 for the win.

Flair refused to release the hold, to Rose came in and hit her with a kick.

Rose then hit a running knee and kicked Flair to the floor.

This was a pretty good match despite the theatrics.

Sonya Deville came out as we headed to commercial. WWE Raw Results expects this to be anything but pleasant.

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