WWE Raw Results (5/3) Charlotte Flair Whines her Way into the Spotlight

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WWE Raw Results returned as Deville and Flair were in the ring, and Deville said as WWE official equal to Adam Pearce, she agreed to allow Flair to make a proposal.

Flair said she was taken aback when Asuka and Rhea Ripley have another title match, and listed her ending Asuka’s winning streak and putting Ripley on the map.

She said she learned the error of her ways and she’s happy to be reinstated, but adding her to Backlash would be a bigger deal.

She then said Asuka and Ripley can only take the division so far, and she can take it farther. She said she’s the real influencer and face of the women’s division.

She gave Deville the authority she needed and she made a good call in bringing Flair back, and the women’s division and WWE Universe needs her.

Flair’s happy to oblige, but she wants a match to up her worth and be added to the Raw Women’s Championship match at Backlash.

She told Deville to “be fair to Flair.”

Deville said she makes a compelling argument, and since the men had a triple threat match, she added her to the Asuka and Ripley’s match.

Ripley came out and said she’s put up with a lot out of Flair’s mouth and called this crap. She said there was a reason why Flair wasn’t in WrestleMania and why no one wants to see her in her match with Asuka.

She told Flair that nobody likes her and she’s confident she can beat Asuka one on one because she already did.

Ripley then went on about how unfair a triple threat match is, and accused Deville of this being part of their plan all along.

Asuka then came out as well and called it crap, then mocked Flair by crying like a baby then laughing at her.

She said she can beat Flair and Ripley because she’s ready to become the Raw Women’s Champion again.

Flair then said that’s why no one compares to her. They get thrown one curve ball and they unravel.

She said she’ll walk out of Backlash as Raw Women’s Champion. Ripley complained to Deville about Flair not earning it.

Flair attacked her form behind, and Asuka attacked Flair and sent both to the floor.

Sheamus pays his respects to Carrillo

Backstage, Kayla Braxton brought in Humberto Carrillo and showed a clip of the last two weeks of him with Sheamus.

Carrillo said Sheamus is a bully, and he won’t let him disrespect him and he’s going to challenge him at all of his open challenges.

Sheamus attacked him from behind and hammered him down, then threw him into a couple of equipment crates.

Sheamus told him he’s not in condition to accept his open challenge tonight, but there’s always next week.

Backstage, Pearce confronted Deville about her abuse of power concerning Flair and said they need to make these decisions together.

It was an urgent decision she had to make and it couldn’t wait, then admitted he was right.

And the tension continues.

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