WWE Raw Results (5/3) – Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) Defeated Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin by Pinfall to End an Era; Angel Garza Dominated Drew Gulak and Gave him a Special Rose

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WWE Raw Results returned to find this match already under way and taking place without out warning when we returned from commercial.

Alexander hit Metalik with a shoulder block off the ropes to welcome us back, and then a kick before sending Metalik into the ropes.

Metalik hit a handspring take down and then a hurricanranna odd the ropes.

He walked the ropes after Alexander sidestepped his charge in the corner, and Metalik then his Alexander with a dropkick for a pin attempt.

Alexander hit a Mishinoku Driver off the roped and tagged in Benjamin.

Benjamin hit a body slam and then a second one before sending Metalik into orbit with a backdrop for a near pinfall.

Not today

Benjamin followed it with a backbreaker and another pin attempt.

Alexander tagged in and hit Metalik with a right and slammed him into a corner before stomping him down.

Alexander ran into a boot, and then ate a bulldog.

Dorado and Benjamin tagged in and Dorado hit with a forearm, but Benjamin sidestepped his moonsault off the ropes and nailed Dorado with a clothesline for a pin attempt.

Benjamin hit several knees in the corner and then blocked a hurricanrana. Dorado went for a DDT but Benjamin blocked that, too, and hit a bit boot for a pin attempt.

Benjamin whipped Dorado into the corner and this time Dorado was able to hit a tornado DDT.

Alexander ran in, and Dorado sent him over the top rope to the floor. He tagged in Metalik and then took out Alexander on the floor with a crossbody.

Metalik walked the ropes and hit an elbow for the win.

After the match, Alexander had a mic and he called out Benjamin, demanding he look at him.

He said they went from being world tag champions to this, and no wonder MVP and Lashley kicked them out.

He then said they kicked Benjamin out and called him the weak link in the Hurt Business since day one, and asked how many years has he been there wasting opportunities.

Alexander said he’s in the prime of his life and he refuses to waste his time trying to help him find success and said their team is done.

Backstage antics

Angel Garza had a rose and Drew Gulak asked him if the rose is for him.

Garza asked if he thinks that’s funny, and Gulak said it’s also funny how he’s supposed to be a ladies’ man but can’t score and challenged Garza to a match.

Elsewhere, Benjamin was stopped by Braxton and asked if he has a response to Alexander.

He said he’s survived so long in this business because he can take the hit. He said the only reason Alexander was in the Hurt Business was because he was the only one that saw anything in him.

He said he let Alexander say his piece tonight, but if he continues down this road he’ll be another bright star that’s fizzle out while he’ll survive.

Angel Garza vs. Drew Gulak

This should be a good match if they’re allowed to wrestle.

Garza wasted no time in pulling his pants off and tossing them to Gulak, then he hit a dropkick as Gulak caught his pants. Then he hit a headbutt to the midsection and snapmared him over.

Garza hit a running knee off the ropes and he hammered away on Gulak, and then hit a backbreaker.

Gulak hit a chop and a boot, then a headbutt to the midsection before he locked in a reach chin lock.

Garza fought to his feet and used the ropes to flip Gulak off him and hit a clothesline and dropkick before he pounded on Gulak.

Garza hit a running boot in the corner and then he this the Wing Clipper for the win.

So much for this being a good match. Garza destroyed Gulak to send a message. Could WWE Raw Results be witnessing a new push coming?

After it was over Garza let Gulak smell his rose, then shoved it down his pants and hit a running knee.

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