WWE Releases Velveteen Dream

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Yesterday, we saw WWE make some roster cuts with their NXT brand. Names like Alexander Wolfe & Vanessa Bourne were cut alongside one of the brands biggest sources of bad press in Drake Wuertz. However, one name was still around that is the wrong kind of heat magnet. This is no longer the case, as WWE has finally released Velveteen Dream from contract.

Velveteen Dream Is One Of The Biggest Falls From Grace In WWE History

When you look at Velveteen Dream as simply a wrestling character, and ignore the man behind it? You would have seen one of the brightest potential stars the NXT brand ever had. He was a wrestling prodigy, had his character set up perfectly, and was an easy fan favorite.You would see fans argue that his feud with Aleister Black is one of the best NXT ever had, and that he should have won the NXT Championship from Tommaso Ciampa at Takeover: War Games II. If he stayed clean behind the scenes, the sky was the limit for Dream.

But that isn’t the case. In 2020, it came to light that Velveteen Dream was sending and soliciting nude pictures from underage fans. While he first claimed he got hacked, the evidence started to pile up. WWE chose to stay quiet, and tried to have Dream return as a heel character, but this was short lived. He’s been off TV since December 2020, with his last match being a loss to Adam Cole.

Will Any Company Go After Dream?

In thirty days, Velveteen Dream will be a free agent. However, while it’s likely that others who got released from NXT will have easy times getting bookings, no company who cares about their reputation will book Velveteen Dream. This sadly leaves a few options, namely the NWA who brought Tyrus/Brodus Clay onboard after he faces sexual assault allegations, and anywhere that still books Alberto El Patron.

However, no major company will bring him onboard. Ring Of Honor, Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling have been doing right by their fan bases as of late, and signing Velveteen Dream isn’t worth the hassle. Yes, he was a great professional wrestler and is still young, but some things will follow you forever.

Do you see a future for Velveteen Dream in professional wrestling? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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