WWE Smackdown Preview (5/21) – Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4 Way – Apollo Crews (c) w/Commander Azeez vs. Big E vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens; Can Roman Reigns Hold his Tribe Together?

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WWE Smackdown Preview are set for a fun episode tonight as we’re going to get what looks like an awesome Intercontinental Championship match and some more Tribal Chief drama.

We’re not fans of the WWE’s constant use of match gimmicks and using them so often lessen their impact and thrills, despite what the recorded cheers tell us.

What’s helped keep them interesting is we’ve seen some of the best in ring work in the WWE over the last few months. It’s just a shame the great performances are lost in the meandering story telling.

Zayn for the win

So, we’re getting a combination of that tonight as Apollo Crews defends his Intercontinental Championship against Big E, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn.

We also expect him to have his equalizer, Commander Azeez, in his corner to offer what help he can via a disqualification. This will lead to a restart of Azeez being booted from ringside instead of an actual DQ.

This match will breakdown into pairs for the most part as Crews and Big E will square with Zayn and Owens facing each other.

Sure, there’ll be some crossovers between the four since that kinda has to happen, but this is meant to move two storylines forward toward one goal.

In the end, we think Sami Zayn will sneak in and steal the win. He’s good at getting lost in the shuffle and picking his spot.

Fracturing Tribe

Jimmy Uso will continue to be a major pain in Roman Reigns’ side as he continues to urge Jey Uso to break away and join him.

We don’t think Reigns will tolerate this much longer, so we expect a confrontation of sorts to happen between them tonight.

This will most likely include Reigns forcing a match between Jey and Jimmy to force Jimmy to choose if he’ll attack his brother or keep the peace and pledge his support to Reigns.

Yeah, it’s similar to how Reigns got Jey’s pledge, but we don’t expect much out of WWE creative at the moment.

While we could see a match of some sort tonight, WWE Smackdown Preview expects it to be more of a near miss and to torture Jimmy about joining the tribe or continuing to resist to build for Hell in a Cell.

Didn’t we go through something similar with Jey?

How do you think things will go tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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