WWE Smackdown Results (5/21) – Fatal 4 Way Intercontinental Championship – Apollo Crews (c) w/Commander Azeez Defeated Big E (pin), Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn after Aleister Black hit Big E with a Black Mass

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WWE Raw Results were set for some fun as Jey Uso told Reigns Jimmy made a tag match against the street Profits next week.

Reigns did some mumbling and called Jimmy selfish and everything they do represents their family.

Fatal 4 Way Intercontinental Championship – Apollo Crews (c) w/Commander Azeez vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Big E

Owens went right after Zayn, and Big E faced off with Crews.

Big E and Crews exchanged blows as Zayne and Owens went to the floor. Apollo ate a reverse elbow, but Owens came in and hit an inverted atomic drop on Big E followed by a step up kick.

Zayn attacked Owens from behind and hammered away and then choked him out on the ropes.

Big E pulled Zayn to the floor and nailed him with a series of rights, then knocked Crews down and put him and Zayn on the apron and took turns hitting each one and then a splash on both.

Owens hit a moonsault over the top on Big E as we headed to commercial.

Building something great

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Big E hammering on Crews but then he ate a dropkick.

Big E rolled to the floor and Crews followed him out and drove him into the ring steps.

Owens tried to do the same to Crews, but Crews blocked it and returned the favor. Crews hit a standing moonsault on Big E from the apron, and Zayn attacked him.

After a few strikes Zayn hit with a flip off the barricade.

Owens nailed Zayn and threw him into the ring to his a senton but Big E broke up the pin attempt.

Crews the hit a trio of German suplexes on Big E for a pin attempt, but Owens hit a senton to break it up.

Zayn caught Owens’ charge and hit an exploder into the turnbuckle. Owens sidestepped a Helluva Kick and went for a stunner, but Zayn rolled him up for a near pinfall.

Zayn then hit a Mishinoku Driver on Owens for another pin attempt.

Zayn tried a superplex, but Owens reversed it into a Fisherman’s Brainbuster and Crews broke up the pin.

Crews hit an Olympic Slam on Owens on the apron after he blocked a stunner attempt, and Big E hit a spear through the ropes as we headed to commercial.

Black ending

Back from commercial, Crews and Big E were back in the ring with Crews in control as he hit a suplex for a pin attempt.

Crews kicked Owens and Zayn off the apron, then hammered away on Big E.

Big E reversed a whip and hit Crews with a belly to belly suplex. He caught Zayn off the top rope and hit him with one as well, and then another on Apollo Crews.

Zayn intercepted Big E with a Helluva Kick, and Owens hit a pump action piledrive for a near pinfall. Owens headed to the top rope but Crews caught him.

Owens beat him down but he was stunned. Zayn hit a jawbreaker on Crews, and Crews when for an exploder. Big E hit them both with a suplex, and Owens hit a splash for a near pinfall.

Owens hit Zayn with a cannonball, and then a released German Suplex before he hit both with a cannonball.

Zayn then hit Owens with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near pinfall. Zayn headed to the top rope and fought off Crews and Big E.

Big E grabbed Zayn for a Big Ending, but Owens hit both of them with superkicks, and then a pop up power bomb on Crews for a pin attempt.

Zayne pulled Owens to the floor and threw him into the barricade, and Owens sent him into the time keeper’s area.

Zayn then hit a double hook German suplex, but ran into a Yurinagi by Big E.

Big E then hit a Big Ending on Crews, but Azeez pulled him off and to the floor where Big E sent him into the ring post.

Big E climbed into the ring but the lights malfunctioned and Aleister Black walked to the ring and hit Big E with a Black Mass for Crews to score the pinfall victory.

This was a great match, but the ended was… it lacked the punch it was probably meant to. We guess Big E and Black will feud now?

This is a mess and we’re not sure how to feel about it, but since this is the new formula for just about every big match it’s kinda hard for it to have an impact, never mind the nonsensical nature of it.

The show overall was okay and what we expected. What did you think about the ending? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Results.

We had a blast hanging out and can’t wait to see you all next week.

See you all then!

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