WWE Smackdown Results (5/21) – Shinsuke Nakamura Defeated King Corbin by Pinfall; Cesaro Challenges Roman Reigns for HIAC, and Seth Rollins Attacks from Behind; Dominik Mysterio Defeated Robert Roode

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WWE Smackdown Results returned and after a ranting promo, Corbin demanded Nakamura come out, Rick Boogs plays his intro music calling Nakamura the real king of Smackdown.

We returned from commercial once again to find the match started during the break, and Nakamura was in control as she stomped down Corbin, but then ate a clothesline.

Nakamura fought back with a series of strikes and kicks, but Corbin responded with a power bomb and choked him out and then locked in a neck lock.

Nakamura hit a running knee and a slam for a near pinfall, then went for a kinsasha, but Corbin sidestepped and hit a side suplex for a near pinfall.

Nakamura fought out of a chokeslam but ran into a Deep Six for a near pin.

Boogs played Nakamura’s theme and Nakamura slipped out of an End of Days for a rollup win.

Jimmy Uso tried to convince Deville he and Jey were ready to face the Street Profits, so she made the match for next week.

Roman Reigns’ parade

Reigns claimed he’s a humble man and teaches his children that, but he doesn’t like to brag so he’s going to let Heyman celebrate him.

Heyman listed some of his accomplishments with a healthy dose of embellishment like scaring the Fiend to Raw, having the greatest WrestleMania match ever, banishing Bryan into retirement, and then his dominant win against Cesaro.

We hope Wyatt comes back 100% and the Fiend makes Reigns eat those words. That would be a fun feud.

It’s the highlight of Heyman’s life to be allowed to acknowledge him and his accomplishments.

We may be wrong, but it looked like Heyman was drooling.

Reigns demanded Heyman to bring him Jimmy Uso, but Cesaro’s music played instead.

Cesaro said he’s not his cousin and he’s not in the mood for this, but he could hear yapping in his ear and realized it was him with his special counsel.

Cesaro’s right arm was in a sling, but he said he’ll face Reigns with no arm and challenged Reigns to a match at Hell in a Cell.

Seth Rollins attacked Cesaro from behind and threw him into the barricade and tried to work over his arm before officials came out.

Rollins came out again and went after Cesaro and whipped him over by his injured arm and hit a Stomp, and then a another when Cesaro tried to get up.

Backstage, Rollins said he blacked out, but came too enough to grab Cesaro on the gurney and ask him why does he bring this out of him and when will Cesaro learn.

Dominik Mysterio w/Rey Mysterio vs. Robert Roode w/Dolph Ziggler

Roode drove Dominik into a corner and hit some shoulders and a pair of suplexes to start it off.

Dominik almost stole the match with a small package, but Roode never let up the pressure. Dominik fought him off the top rope and hit a crossbody

After a couple of pin attempts, Roode hit the ring post and Dominik hit a 619 and frog splash for the win.

This was too fast and as predictable as they come. Three weeks in a row Dominik has looked weak and lucky and WWE Smackdown Results are ready to move to a new feud.

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