AEW Dynamite Results: Dustin Rhodes Brutalizes Nick Comoroto In Bull-Rope Match

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At Double or Nothing, The Nightmare Family got a major win over The Factory when Cody Rhodes defeated Anthony Ogogo. However also clashing during the event were Nick Comoroto & Dustin Rhodes, who brawled in the Casino Battle Royale. Rhodes eliminated Comoroto from the match, but when Powerhouse Hobbs took Rhodes out, Comoroto got a quick but effective shot in with a Bull Rope.

Tony Khan wasted no time making this into a match, and the Bull Rope is from and center. It’s no DQ, a bull rope is ready to be used as a weapon, and it’s won by pinfall or submission. Comoroto has never entered this world before, while it’s a match Rhodes knows all too well.

A Dirty Brawl From The Start

This one started quickly as Comoroto rushed Rhodes before he even finished making it to the ring. Rhodes was press slammed into the ring, and Comoroto would have the bull rope tied to him and the bell rang. Comoroto quickly learned why Rhodes is feared in this match type as he was able to crotch him with the rope and hit him with the cowbell.

Rhodes would bring this one to the outside with a lariat, before being thrown to the crowd. He’d choke Comoroto with the rope, before taking a forearm shot. Fuego Del Sol tried to help Rhodes, but was easily thrown into the crowd. Aaron Solow attacked Rhodes and took a powerslam, before Comoroto nailed a spear.

Comoroto got busted open somewhere along the way of this brawl of a match, and it’d get worse as Rhodes pulled him into the corner post. Rhodes was dumped face first onto the apron, before Comoroto tried to drag him back into the ring for a pinfall attempt. Comoroto would use the bell for a shot to the stomach, and he was using his size to a big advantage.

Dustin Rhodes Outlasts Nick Comoroto

Rhodes would be sent into the corner by Comoroto, and he was having a hard time getting vertical at this point. He’d get up and pull the rope down to send Comoroto to the apron where he’d choke him. Solow would set up a table as Rhodes & Comoroto brawled, and Comoroto took another cowbell shot to the face.

Rhodes would miss a kick to the face of Comoroto, before taking a powerbomb through the table. Back in the ring, Rhodes kicked out at two. Solow pulled off a corner pad, before Colton Gunn finally took him out. In the ring, Rhodes hit Final Reckoning on the cowbell, and Comoroto showed some fighting spirit with a kick out at one.

Comoroto was driven into the exposed corner, before Rhodes nailed a bulldog off the middle rope. Rhodes hogtied the legs and got the pinfall, winning this match.

This was a dirty throwback of a brawl. A table powerbomb was the only flashy spot, with the rest just being strikes and shots of the cowbell, with a few slams mixed in. Wasn’t typical for Dynamite, but a nice change of pace. Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

What is next for Dustin Rhodes in AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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