AEW Dynamite Results: Jungle Boy & Christian Cage Defeat Private Party Via Snare Trap

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The Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing came down to two men in the end, and it could have gone to either Jungle Boy or Christian Cage. Private Party tried to ensure Matt Hardy got the win, but failed to do so. Jungle Boy won in the end and has an AEW World Championship match upcoming, but tonight he teams with Christian to take on Private Party in tag team action.

Ahead of this match, Kenny Omega simply said that Jungle Boy isn’t on his level. That battle royale was filled with wrestlers who couldn’t even get ranked. Jungle Boy is a fun name for people to cheer for, and has a great theme song, but in three weeks: he’s gonna be exposed as he faces The Best Bout Machine.

The Crowd Worships Jungle Boy

Private Party dressed like they just left the club to come wrestle a match, wearing dress shirts and slacks. Christian would start with Kassidy, who would be quickly grabbed in a wrist lock before quick tags would be made. Kassidy slipped free long enough to tag in Quen, who dashed into a flapjack.

Private Party would be able to isolate Jungle Boy in their corner, before being taken down with a double arm drag. They’d be sent outside, but back in the ring, Quen took Jungle Boy out of the air with a big dropkick. Jungle Boy made some well timed dodges to get a tag to a tag team veteran of Christian.

A big forearm shot would send Kassidy to the ropes, before he’d choke him on the ropes and pop outside for a shot. Christian took a long glance at his old rival in Matt Hardy, before Hardy would be the cause of a distraction that allowed Private Party to get the edge over Christian.

Private Party Lose Control

Hardy asked Private Party to end Christians career tonight, and they’d choke him on the ropes without remorse. A stunner on the ropes got a two count, and Christian was having a hard time getting his breath. The front headlock kept Christian locked up, but an inside cradle nearly got him a three count. Kassidy kept a level head, kicked out and took Jungle Boy out before the five second pose.

Christian would be isolated by Private Party, with them keeping Jungle Boy off the apron. However, they’d spend more time welcoming flash photography and Christian hit a double reverse DDT. Jungle Boy got the tag and exploded into the ring, and took Quen out with a massive lariat.

The snap brainbuster got a two count, before he’d move to the apron while taking Kassidy out, and swinging in with a DDT. Quen was locked in the Snare Trap, but Kassidy made the save before Christian looked to make the save. A thumb to the eyes of Jungle Boy and a deep roll up for a two count for Quen, and they’d set up Gin & Juice. Jungle Boy & Christian countered, and the Snare Trap was applied again. With no one to save him, Quen tapped out.

Jungle Boy is absolutely on fire right now in AEW, and he showed why tonight in this match. He stole the show in this match, but the call backs to Edge & Christian, and Hardy taking shots at Christian during the match were quite fun. Solid action from bell to bell, and it keeps Jungle Boy hot. Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

After the match, Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Christian and scampered away. Is this match coming soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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