AEW Dynamite Results: Orange Cassidy Defeats Cezar Bononi Via Orange Punch, Jungle Boy Fights Off Kenny Omega Once Again (06/18)

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Cezar Bononi and the rest of the Wingmen are waxed, vaxxed, and ready for Hot Boi Summer. However, that still comes with wrestling for AEW, and tonight the promising Brazilian powerhouse will take on one of the most popular names in AEW, Orange Cassidy. Cassidy is no stranger to being outmatched in terms of size, and tonight he will likely have a plan to take down Bononi. Or he won’t, and that just depends on if he feels like trying. Either way, he has Best Friends at his back tonight.

Orange Cassidy Defeats Cezar Bononi

OC would show no fear as Bononi lifted him up and sent him into the corner. Bononi pulled the coat off OC, before putting his hands in his pockets and hitting the Hoss Toss across the ring. On the outside, Ryan Nemeth sprayed down OC with Spray Tan, before rolling him back into the ring.

OC would roll past Bononi, but get caught with a big boot to the side of the face. Back on the outside, Nemeth & Avalon brushed the hair of OC and Nemeth gave him his coat. They promised to give him a makeover, and delivered. OC would finally take Bononi down to the outside, and Best Friends had Statlander distract the referee as Chuck & Trent slingshotted OC to the outside.

Bononi was hit with Stundog Millionaire and the rolling DDT, before Nemeth and Drake took Orange Punches. OC would finally drop Bononi, and win the match. This was a fun little exhibition match, and Peter Avalon treated it like Bononi was dead in the ring, as Best Friends had their group hug.

Kenny Omega Wants To Fight Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy would be met with Kenny Omega backstage, with Don Callis & Nakazawa in tow. Omega didn’t have the fancy hardware this time around, after Jungle Boy took him down last week. He’d provoke Jungle Boy by saying he’s never had a street fight and threaten to punch him out, wanting to fight right here. However, Jungle Boy wanted to fight in the ring next week, where he can win the AEW World Championship. Omega offered a free punch to the face, putting his hands behind the back.

Jungle Boy considered it, but was hit from behind with the laptop of Nakazawa. A brawl ensued, with Omega tossing Jungle Boy onto the recycling bins as Callis did something resembling commentary. When Jungle Boy got the upperhand, Nakazawa made the save and Omega fled, but left Nakazawa for dead.

Will Jungle Boy defeat Kenny Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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