AEW Dynamite Results: QT Marshall and Anthony Ogogo Defeat Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson After KO Punch

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At Double or Nothing, Cody Rhodes gave Anthony Ogogo his first real test in AEW. Tonight, they meet again in tag team action, as Rhodes teams with Nightmare Family’s up and coming star Lee Johnson, to take on Ogogo and the leader of The Factory, QT Marshall. Can Rhodes get another win over Ogogo?

Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson Start Hot

Johnson would start the match with Marshall, and grab a wrist lock before making a quick tag to Rhodes. Rhodes kept control and tagged in Johnson, before Johnson nailed a dropkick. Ogogo wanted a tag and got it, before Rhodes went in as well. Rhodes was quickly thrown across the ring, before Ogogo held the arms to Rhodes open for Marshall to hit some punches.

A back elbow strike took Ogogo down and Rhodes had little issue getting away from Marshall and tagging Johnson in. Johnson sent Marshall to the outside, but Ogogo would catch him with a standing stomp, driving him into the ground. Back in the ring, Ogogo would control Johnson in the neutral corner, before hitting a lariat and low european uppercut for a two count.

Ogogo would get a tag to Marshall, who nailed a suplex on his former student, getting a two count. Rhodes looked to get the crowd behind Johnson, and was able to accomplish this. Johnson hit an enzuigiri before jumping for a desperate tag, and being caught in the Backbreaker/Flatliner combo. He’d manage to hold on and hit a big dropkick to send Marshall outside of the ring.

Anthony Ogogo Has A Deadly Right Hand

Rhodes got a tag back into the match, and threw Marshall right into the ring before hitting ten punches in the corner and a big Monkey Flip. The drop down throat thrust stunned Marshall, and Ogogo took a Disaster Kick to the face. Marshall was dropped with a powerslam before Rhodes applied the Figure Four Leg Lock.

Ogogo took out Johnson on the outside, and hit a Frog Splash onto Rhodes to break up the hold. Marshall nailed the Diamond Cutter in the ring, but Johnson was able to break up the pinfall with a splash of his own. Ogogo took him and Johnson out of the ring, and Rhodes would trade blows with Marshall.

A distraction from Solow on the outside allowed Ogogo to hit a punch to the jaw of Rhodes who was setting up Cross Rhodes on Marshall. Unable to defend himself, he’d fall like a rock and Marshall fell into the pinfall on Rhodes for the win.

A solid tag team outing, which shows how Ogogo gets better with each match. The result was unexpected, and could be just the first win for The Factory tonight. Match Rating: 2.5/5 (** 1/2)

Is this just the first time The Factory gets a win over The Nightmare Family tonight? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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