AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: Kris Statlander Defeats The Bunny Via Big Bang Theory, Injury Update On Trent?, Orange Cassidy Gets Punched Out By Blade (06/26)

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Since making her return as part of Arcade Anarchy, Kris Statlander has been working her way back to the top of the AEW Women’s division. Tonight on Saturday Night Dynamite, Statlander has a chance to continue to climb the ranks as she faces off against The Bunny of Hardy Family Office. She will have Orange Cassidy in her corner, which is whatever, while The Bunny has her husband, Blade.

An Injury Update On Trent?

Statlander would quickly take The Bunny to the mat with a slam, before letting her up. Bunny showed this was a mistake as she took her down and walked up her back. Statlander got an armdrag and enziguri, before catching a crossbody as she caught Bunny in the sky for a powerslam. A heavy suplex would follow, before taking Bunny to the corner.

Bunny slipped off the top and tucked the head of Statlander down into the turnbuckle, before Statlander got fancy and took a superkick. On commentary, it would be mentioned that Trent? underwent neck fusion surgery yesterday, and Chuck Taylor is supporting him in the hospital, hence them not being here to help Statlander.

Kris Statlander Takes The Bunny Down

The Bunny would hit a running elbow strike to Statlander in the corner, looking more unhinged as the match kept going. She would slap herself across the face, before kicking Statlander down. Statlander was bent back with a cross arm clutch, before being sent over the top rope. On the outside, Statlander would catch Bunny with a snap powerslam to gain some ground.

Back in the ring, Statlander would show her prowess in striking, beating Bunny into the corner before a spinning fisherman buster for a two count. The Bunny got moving only to take a Blue Thunder Bomb, before Statlander went back up. She was taken down with a German Suplex, before Bunny nailed a superkick. Statlander recovered and nailed Big Bang Theory for the win, pushing her closer to a title shot.

A solid match in the AEW Women’s division. Statlander is still finding her rhythm after a bad injury, but with each match she looks better. The Bunny played her role well, but there wasn’t much of note here until the post match brawl. Match Rating: 2.5/5 (** 1/2)

After the match, The Blade & TH2 would beat down Orange Cassidy with a Brass Knuckles assisted punch, potentially putting him in a hospital bed beside Trent. Will OC get revenge on Blade for this? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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