AEW Thunder Rosa and Dustin Rhodes Respond to Triple H’s Comments About the Best Female Wrestlers Being in the WWE

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Triple H’s comments and subsequent back and forth is one of those moments where popcorn is a necessity, and it all started when Mickie James said she wants the best women to compete in NWA’s In Power PPV in August.

James had said she wants the best women in wrestling to take part no matter their contractual status.

Simply put, she’s calling on the other promotions to be willing to share their talent like the NWA, AEW, Impact Wrestling, and NJPW have been doing for months now.

It makes sense and is a great way for each company and their wrestlers to get more exposure. It’s good for all parties involved as well as the fans.

So, of course someone had to have a problem with that, and of course it had to be Triple H. As it’s been covered many times over the last year, the WWE believes in exclusive contracts.

Shots fired

Triple H shared his thoughts at a media call to promote WWE NXT “Takeover: In Your House.”

Special thanks to for the transcript.

“Haven’t we already done them? It’s a funny thing to me, I just don’t… so equality is equality, equality is not, ‘I want my own show.’ Equality is not, ‘We have to have our own program.’ If I told you that I was making an all-men’s program and I didn’t want women on it, it would be criticized. And I’m not saying that’s right or wrong. I do think it’s funny when people go, ‘I want the best in the world regardless of contractual status.’ What, I’m sorry… but from a business person’s standpoint, then why do we have contractual status? Right? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

“Yeah, if you want to wrestle the best women in the world, come to the WWE. That’s where they are. If you want to go elsewhere and say that they are, that’s an opinion, and you can, but it is what it is. While I’m all for it, I was one of the biggest drivers of it [WWE Evolution], and will we do another all-women’s event down the line? Possibly. But you know, it’s not the must-have of the moment. I think we do an amazing job of displaying our female athletes and is it perfect? No. Will it always be in flux? Yes. But I think we do a pretty good job and in my opinion, again, my opinion, the best female performers in the world are in WWE, and if they’re not, they want to be.”

We understand that he’s trying to show his support for the WWE women’s division, but while the WWE women’s roster is the largest around, the lack of visibility they get keeps them a closely guarded secret.

And his thoughts we’re taken lightly as Thunder Rosa Tweeter:

“The Best Female Wrestlers are not located in one company not even in one country. They are spread over many companies and many countries! Talented women across the Globe!”

Dustin Rhodes got into it as well, when he called Triple H our about the WWE being about “money” and how Dustin’s hands aren’t “tied” by a higher power.

“Couple days late, let me weigh in. @AEW’s women’s division has grown passionately because of the team. You are not hands on like I am teaching and coaching them to greatness. You just have money, where I have passion. Passion wins every time.

Sincerely, Dustin #HandsNotTied”

Well, just when it looked like things were calm between the companies. On the plus side, this has people talking about the smaller promotions, and that’s a good thing.

What do you think about Triple H’s comments and Thunder Rosa and Dustin Rhodes’ responses? Let us know in the comments below.

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