Floyd Mayweather To Train Former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley For Boxing Debut VS Jake Paul On August 28!

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Floyd Mayweather has offered to train Tyron Woodley ahead of his pro boxing debut against Jake Paul.

Woodley will face YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul, on August 28. Tyron is a former UFC champion, while Paul has taken his popularity to combat sports and is coming off a first round technical knockout over Ben Askren.

Floyd Mayweather to train Tyron Woodley for boxing debut

Mayweather said he wants to train Woodley so he can beat the YouTuber.

“Well, give me Tyron Woodley. I’ll make sure I’m in camp and train him for this fight,” Mayweather said in a media scrum. “I want Tyron Woodley to come to Las Vegas and work with us.”

After being asked about it, Woodley says Mayweather’s team has already spoken to him. Tyron expressed interest in accepting the offer.

“They just texted me, let’s do it,” Woodley said in his own media scrum in response to Mayweather saying he will train him. “I just talked to him today, so sure, why wouldn’t I train with the greatest fighter of all time? He’s already my friend and we’ve been talking about training anyway, so sure. I’m definitely going to take him on.”

Floyd Mayweather will be boxing Jake Paul’s older brother on Sunday in Miami. Mayweather is the heavy favorite in this bizarre fight with no judges, but where there may be a KO. All signs point to him going back to training camp and setting up Woodley to beat the younger brother. If both Mayweather and Woodley win, it may be the last time they fight. But regardless of what happens, Tyron has already secured himself an incredible training partner for his boxing debut.

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