Former WWE Tag Team Authors Of Pain Destroy Retirement Rumors

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Yesterday, it seemed that we finally got an answer on the status of former NXT & RAW Tag Team Champions, The Authors of Pain. After being released from WWE in September 2020, they kept quiet and never resurfaced. An unnamed promoter who reached out to them would be told they were retired, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. They’ve broken their silence, and their message is clear.

The Authors of Pain “Ain’t done yet bitches”

Both Akam & Rezar would share a photo of their time in NXT alongside Paul Ellering, from NXT Takeover: War Games. It was accompanied by the message of “Ain’t done yet bitches.” which certainly leaves little to the imagination. They weren’t going to sit by and let the world decide they’re done, and seem to be set to return to the ring.

It also seems like Paul Ellering will be involved. He split from the group as their manager due to not wanting to travel the WWE schedule. Depending on where they go, the schedule would likely be lighter. It should be noted, he never updated his Twitter bio, which still says “Best known for managing the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, Now with The Authors of Pain.”

Ellering would reply to the tweet with “You don’t like it we don’t care. When my boys are good …they are good… when my boys are bad…they are very good.” He’d also tag both WWE & NXT, but it’s unclear if that will be where they return to the ring.

Akam & Rezar Are A Benefit To Any Tag Team Division

When it comes to where they land, anywhere would benefit from a team like Authors of Pain. They’re classic heavyweights, and have worked their entire careers as a tag team. This gives them great chemistry to combine with their size and power. AEW lacks powerhouse tag teams, and has one of AoP’s greatest rivals in FTR.

NJPW lacks tag teams in general, having pretty much just Dangerous Tekkers & Guerillas of Destiny trading the belt, and Authors of Pain would fit in perfectly. Impact Wrestling would also benefit from more talent, and works alongside both AEW & NJPW. Even NXT would benefit from adding them back into the mix, as they’d do great with new teams like MSK or Legado Del Fantasma.

Where do you want to see Authors of Pain return? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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