Frankie Kazarian The Elite Hunter If Done Right Could Be The Best Thing In AEW

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SCU has officially broken up in AEW. It wasn’t the best storyline with Scorpio Sky just leaving without any storyline. Then the rest of SCU, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian announced that the next time they lose a match, they would break up SCU forever.

After that, we didn’t see them much until the match with SCU against the Young Bucks, which they ended up losing. It wasn’t the best story in AEW but also not the worst. However, Frankie Kazarian’s new gimmick through losing could be huge in AEW if done right.

How could AEW evolve The Elite Hunter?

Currently, the new Elite Hunter gimmick is being used as a way to attack members of the Elite randomly. It did hit a high point after the latest Dynamite, where it set up a triple tag match next week. It has to hit a new level now to be something special. The match next week is Penta El Zero Miedo, Eddie Kingston, Franke Kazarian Vs. Good Brother, Matt Jackson. This match should be the match to set this new gimmick to new heights.

The match should be used for Frankie Kazarian to take one of the members out of action. To make it look like he is taking out the Elite one by one. The first member to be taken out should be Matt Jackson. In the middle of the match, Matt and Frankie should start fighting outside the ring. That leads to them leaving the stadium. The match continues between the Good Brother and Penta El Zero Miedo, Eddie Kingston.

One match later, it goes back to Frankie and Matt. But Matt is tied up by Frankie. He gives a promo on hunting the Elite, walks out of a storage container shutting it behind him, leaving Matt there. This then sets up a feud between Frankie and Nick Jackson.

In the build to the match, Frankie attacks the Good Brothers. Then tells Nick where his brother is hidden, this is a trap, but Nick still frees Matt. Where he attacks Nick, and this leads to a match at the next PPV. At the beginning of the match, they mention Matt is in hospital and cannot be in Nick’s corner for the match. Nicks hurt from being attacked last week by Frankie giving Frankie the win.

How should it end?

All this then leads to Kenny Omega getting angry, but at this point, he is already feuding with Hangman Page, which means that he doesn’t have a match with Frankie but does attack him in a random match at AEW Dark: Elevation.

Then it leads to the match between Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Frankie costs Kenny Omega the match by hitting him with a microphone, leading to a feud between Frankie and Omega. That leads to Frankie turning heel and beating Kenny Omega.

After this, we don’t see Kenny Omega for a while in AEW. However, he does start to lose all his belts. Frankie starts feuding with past Elite members, first with Cody Rhodes and then at the next PPV, he goes up against Hangman Page.

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We we know it won’t be done right. It’s AEW lol.

Jordan Neill

So kazarian loses to gallows this angle has been done so poorly, he shouldn’t have been unmasked and it hasn’t been built up enough, as usual all story lines in aew are done with only the stock value of the elite in mind, really poor writing if there even was any.

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