Fred Rosser (fka WWE’s Darren Young) Officially Signs With New Japan Pro Wrestling

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Oftentimes when an undercard talent is let go from WWE, they will flounder on the indies. Some like Heath Slater or Matt Cardona will be able to keep afloat through smart business choices, but then there are folks like the former Darren Young. When he was let go from WWE, no one expected him to make much of an impact. Now, after being released in 2017 and taking his real name as a ring name, Fred Rosser has a new home in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Fred Rosser Announces This News On Twitter

After working with NJPW for months as part of their weekly US based show, NJPW Strong, it was only a matter of time before we’d get an announcement like this. Rosser has been consistently impressive in showings against the likes of Clark Conners & Hikule’o.

Rosser would announce this news on his Twitter page, saying the following. “I’m excited to officially announce I’ve signed W/ NJPW! All I can say moving forward is, don’t ever let your dreams just be dreams because as long as you’re patient & believe in your dreams, anything is possible. Patience is a talent.”

A Solid Worker For The NJPW Roster

It’s currently unclear if we can expect to see Rosser work in Japan, or if he will simply be a member of the New Japan Pro Wrestling of America roster. We are unlikely to see him immediately get a spot in a tournament like the G1 Climax, but when World Tag League rolls around, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him in the field.

Rosser is the definition of a ‘good hand’ in the ring. He’s a safe worker who is able to turn up the intensity in a big match, but is otherwise unremarkable. Not everyone on a roster needs to be a mega star, and guys like Rosser are the glue that holds a roster together. However, as shown by the recent run of YOSHI-HASHI, anyone is able to become a fan favorite in a company like NJPW.

Could you see Rosser winning gold in NJPW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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