Impact Wrestling Against All Odds Results (6/12) – 5 Way X-Division Championship #1 Contender – Petey Williams vs. Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju Ended in No Contest; W. Morrissey Destroyed a Resilient Rich Swann; Tenille Dashwood Defeated Jordynne Grace by Pinfall

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Impact Wrestling Against All Odd Results thinks this is a possible match of the night and sure to be another instant classic by the time it’s all said and done. We’re buckling up for this one.

Austin went after Trey on the floor, and Rohit and Bey doubled teamed Petey with mixed results.

Rohit and Bey would be a great tag team if they can get along long enough.

Petey fought them off and hit a slam on Bey, bulldogged Rohit into Bey, then hit Rohit with a dropkick that turned into a senton on Bey.

Bey smoothly slid through his combos on Petey for a pin attempt before Petey went for a codebreaker, but Austin pulled him off the apron and rolled Bey up for a pin attempt.

Austin threw Bey to the floor, and Trey went for a dive but Austin ducked and Trey took ouot the other three.

Trey picked up the pace and locked in an Indian Death Lock, but Bey came in and hammered on him, but Petey locked in a sharpshooter on Bey, and Trey, locked an arm lock on Petey.

Rohit broke up the triple submission puzzled and took over with a double cannonball on Petey and Trey, then stomped down Austin and dropped Bey on him.

Rohit rolled from one pin attempt the another as he took over the match for a few minutes.

Rohit nailed Austin with a running knee, then knocked Petey off the apron, but Trey took advantage of it and they exchanged blows in the middle of the ring.

Rohit hit a running knee on Trey, but Bey came in and tied him up, then countered Rohit’s knee into a torture rack slam for a near pinfall.

Austin came in and took over by using Rohit and Bey on each other. Petey hit a Codebreaker on Austin and then hit a flatliner before going for the Canadian Destroyer.

Austin countered and sent him into the corner and they went at it on the top rope before Petey hit a Super Canadian Destroyer but Trey broke up the pin.

Trey headed to the top rope, but Fulton appeared and shoved him off to the floor, then tossed Petey aside.

He slammed Petey head first into the mat and spiked Rohit, and caught Trey’s crossbody and he was attacked by Petey, Bey and Rohit, and he slammed then all with one move and put Austin on top of Rohit for the pin, but the ref called it no contest.

There’s no number one contender and Fulton chased after the referee, then pulled Austin out of the ring.

Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey

This started fast when Morrissey threw Swann out of the ring when he went for a headlock and forced Swann to come up with another plan.

Swann reentered the ring and went about chopping Morrissey down with a series of kicks, and biting was included before hitting a dropkick to send Morrissey to the floor.

Swann hit a flipping senton off the apron, and then tore at Morrissey’s eyes.

Morrissey caught Swann’s crossbody off the ropes with a big boot, then he hammered away on Swann.

Morrissey set Swann across the top rope in a corner and hit several clubbing blows, and then pulled Swann under the ropes and hit more clubbing blows before he let Swann drop to the floor.

Morrissey continued to grind on Swann by standing on his head and bouncing him off different turnbuckles, and then locked in a standing rear chin lock and then swing him around before letting him drop.

Swann dodged a charge and hit a kick, then sent Morrissey to the floor after knocking him into the ring post on the apron.

Swann then hit with a kick off the ring steps, and then hit a 450 splash on the floor. Swann then hit a dropkick on Morrissey’s leg as he climbed into the ring, and then hit another 450 for a near pinfall.

Swann hit a Phoenix Splash, but Morrissey sat up with Swann in his arms, stood, and hit an F-5.

Morrissey hit a double power bomb and Swann flipped him off, so Morrissey hit a spinning power bomb for the win.

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K vs. Jordynne Grace w/Rachael Ellering

Grace started off in control with her power, and she caught Teniile’s crossbody off the ropes but Tenille got loose and Grace ran her over with a couple of shoulder blocks and from slam for a pin attempt.

Tenille gained the upper hand when she spun Grace around on the apron and hit her with a kick, and while Racheal argued with the ref, Tenille and Kaleb pulled her to the floor for a near count out.

Tenille locked in an interesting stretch hold that doubled as a pin move, but Grace kicked out.

Tenille hit a crossbody in the corner, but Grace held on and stood up to hit a fallaway slam to buy herself some time.

After exchanging right, Grace hit two body slams, and followed it with a double knee to the back and a Vader Bomb for a near pinfall.

Grace fought out of a double underhook, and they exchanged running elbows.

Grace sling shotted in to lock in a sleeper hold, but Kaleb distracted the ref so Rachael took him off he apron.

Grace yelled at Rachael that she can do this on her own, and Tenille rolled her up for the win.

Racheal pleaded her case on the ramp as Grace’s frustration bubbled over and she went into the ring and hit a Mishinoku Driver on Kaleb.

Yep, Impact Wrestling Against All Odds Results definitely sees trouble ahead for these two.

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