Impact Wrestling Results (6/10) – Kenny Omega and Moose with Face Off at Daily’s Place and Sami Callihan will face the Winner at Slammiversary; Crazzy Steve Defeated Deaner by Pinfall

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

We’re stoked for this episode as it looks like an awesome lineup and it’s the Go Home episode for Against All Odds this Saturday.

Without further ado, let’s get to the action!

BTI (Before the Impact) – Deaner w/VBD vs. Crazzy Steve w/Decay

This should be a good match given Deaner and Steve trained together under Eric Young. This is going to be fun.

They started off with Deaner locking in a armbar and Steve countering out of it and forcing Deaner to slip to the floor to get some advice from Young.

Back in the ring, Deaner started to take over with a couple of holds but Steve slipped out to regroup, then Steve slingshoted in and hit a snapmare, neck snap, and an upside down.

After the commercial break, Steve was still on control with an armbar, but Deaner dropped him on the top turnbuckle and locked his head under the second turnbuckle for a dropkick.

Deaner hit a series of knees and a neckbreaker for a near pinfall and then slammed Steve’s neck on the ring apron and hit a running knee.

Deaner led Steve of a chase around the ring and caught him under the ring cirtain but Steve disappeared under the ring and hit Deaner with a series of elbows.

Steve hit a neckbreaker, but it wasn’t enough t put Deaner away yet, and Deaner flipped him onto the top rope and hit some strikes and a running knee to the midsection.

Deaner hit a powerslam for a pin attempt and his frustration started to show and Steve took advantage of it to slingshot him into a corner and hit a handful of running uppercuts, and then a cannonball.

Deaner sidestepped Steve’s charge and flipped him into the corner, and Deaner pulled him out of the corner for a powerbomb and a near pinfall.

Steve fought out of a draping DDT and hit a sliding flatliner for a pin attempt, and after an exchange on the top rope he hit a flying DDT for the pin and win.

This was an awesome match and everything we expected it to be.

AEW and Impact Wrestling Summit

Will Sami Callihan be added to Against All Odds’ main event against Moose and Kenny Omega? We’re about to find out with Tony Kahn and Scott D’Amore about to hold court.

In the ring, D’Amore said it’s time to get things settled and introduced AEW’s owner and CEA Tony Kahn.

Kahn started it off by saying it’s good to be there, but it wasn’t so good to see Don Callis but it’s positive overall.

As D’Amore started things Don Callis’ music started and D’Amore said, “Oh, he showed up to work.”

Callis said Kenny Omega is the greatest investment Kahn has with his championships, and he turned his attention to Moose and Sami Callihan, the latter not too glowingly.

He pointed out Callihan’s blacklisted in every promotion in the world, and D’Amore mentioned how the Good Brothers are also out of control by attacking Callihan and he’s in line to be in the match.

Callis did everything he could to denounce Callihan as being dangerous and there’s no need to add him to the main event.

D’Amore whispered something to Kahn and they seemed to agree on something. D’Amore pointed out Callis is logical and smart, and announced it will be Kenny Omega vs. Moose.

Kahn said if he knew how much he’d be dealing with Callis, he’s not sure he would’ve done the same things.

He then said Moose and Omega should be in Daily’s Place and he promised Callihan won’t be there.

D’Amore stopped Callis from leaving, and said whoever is Impact World Champion will face Sami Callihan at Slammiversary. Callis wasn’t too happy about this but Impact Wrestling Results are excited.

Backstage, Callis tried to keep Omega and the Good Brothers calm, and he told the Good Brothers to do what they do best and get rid of Callihan.

D’Amore heard him and called him out on it, and said while Omega’s in Jacksonville the Good Brothers will face Callihan and whoever he chooses to be his partner in a street fight.

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